Valery Afanasiev can not come to terms with the loss of his wife

Валерий Афанасьев не может смириться с потерей жены Famous actor at the end of December last year, buried his wife. Valery Afanasiev has lived with Anna for 40 years. The artist remembers that everything in the house maintained it.

      Валерий Афанасьев не может смириться с потерей жены

      The popular actor of theater and cinema Valery Afanasiev for more than 40 years has lived in marriage with his third wife Anna. Some time wife Afanasyev worked as a props man at the theater, but after an injury decided to devote himself to caring for the family. At the end of last year she passed away. Now the artist learns to live without her. Now Valery’s hard to survive the loss.

      “She I sent in everything, smoothed corners, wisely maintained and cooled, as by nature I am very emotional. Everything was on it. Now even a country can not drive, because everything reminds you of her, especially the kitchen, which she thought. I guess it will take time. It is clear that all this life… But it’s only words. Now can not understand, live or exist. It seems everything is doing work. Scary to realize that there is no next,” said Afanasiev.

      Unlike most men who usually shift all the household chores on women, Valeriy easily can provide the life. He admits that he knows how to wash and cook. Now Afanasyev lacks near soul mates. Despite the fact that he was able to build with his third wife a very strong family, no especial secret of happiness it can not be called.

      “Anna is very thin each other felt. For example, when I entered the bedroom and was wondering if she watered the flowers, just shouted: “Anh!”, and she, being in the kitchen, replied: “Watered, watered flowers,” recalls the actor.

      Despite the fact that Valery Afanaseva had three marriages, with the first two wives he does not communicate at all. He believes that it makes no sense to stir the past, but now they have to talk about. Moreover, he began a relationship with Anna when he was still married. And after she was expecting her first child, the actor decided to formalize the relationship.

      “Anya, I often remembered jokingly when he was born Constantine: “I will Never forget when the nursing home I said, leave the child or take away?” Indeed, in Soviet times, to give birth without an official husband meant that the woman of the child worked up. Then submitted the application to the Registrar,” – said Valery in an interview with “Interlocutor”.

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