Spouse Cyril Pletnev appeared for the first time after giving birth

Супруга Кирилла Плетнева впервые вышла в свет после родов
Nino Ninidze struck all chiseled figure.

Kirill Pletnev and Nino Ninidze

Photo: Yuri Feklistov

Spouse Cyril Pletnev Nino Ninidze has attracted widespread attention, appearing on the presentation of film awards “Nika”. The fact that this was the first release of 24-year-old actress in the light once at the end of last year, she gave birth to a son Alexander.

As it turned out, the actress easily regained his old form: her chiseled figure is perfect! And judging by how tenderly hugged his wife Kirill, Pletnyov proud of his beautiful wife.

“Gene ordering” Nino obviously inherited from her mother, actress AI Ninidze, who in his youth, graduated from the choreographic school. However, the love for movies was stronger: to permit the Oia, beginning at age seven, and among her major film credits, the film “Heavenly swallows”.

Nino also became an actress — she has 6 movies. But at the moment Ninidze focus on their firstborn son Alexander (Cyril Pletnev is a third son).

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