A fan has created a double Johansson full length

Поклонник создал двойника Йоханссон в полный рост

Resident of Hong Kong so like the actress that he made her a copy!

Fans of stars capable of any madness. Can spend crazy money to buy things, which was once worn by the idol, wait for him day and night in the cold, to go to another country after your favorite musician… And some fans go even further. If fate gave me a chance to be near with beloved star, need to outsmart! For example, to create a double object of his adoration. By the way, did the engineer from Hong Kong.

The inventor Ricky MA is so much like the actress Scarlett Johansson that one day he decided to realize his dream into reality and a star printed on a 3D printer and then assembled and turned into a robot!

ScarJo – it is the name of the e-Scarlett – cost its Creator in 50 thousand dollars. Which in principle is not so expensive when you consider that Ricky could hardly at this price to buy dinner with your favorite star.

Copy Scarlett Johansson was really close to ideal. At least the face. But over the rest of the robot parts its Creator are to work. Say, feet ScarJo while not human.

Leaves much to be desired also it plastic and Scarlett. E-beauty knows a few phrases. Moves… to put it mildly, not very gracefully. But in the future, Ricky plans to finalize and, possibly, to introduce a real Johansson with her iron version.

Would you like to have your own copy celebrities?

  • Without a doubt!
  • I never thought (s) about this, but from personal Scarlett refused(-ve) would
  • No, I don’t need it
  • Each person is unique. Not wanted(-a) to have a clone and that made me a clone
  • I don’t care. But the news suggests that the times, which describe in sci-Fi movies, is not far off

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