Valeria was the chief editor of a glossy magazine

Валерия стала главным редактором глянцевого журнала The singer opted for a large media company. Valery explained why she decided to plunge into the creative atmosphere. Artist of the day was turned into a successful business woman, to please their fans.
Валерия стала главным редактором глянцевого журнала

Last week our Publishing house was turned into a film set – Director Yegor Konchalovsky filmed our guest is Valerie clip for the song “Nothing personal”. The singer spoke about why she chose this space to work on a new video. The actress chose a long room where you will unfolds the main action.

“We came to Hearst Shkulev due to many years of friendship with the people working here, and the publications in which I appear regularly on the covers, – shared the singer with “StarHit”. Plus it is the largest media holding in our country. It was like this: Joseph had dinner with the President of the Publishing house Victor Skulavik, in a conversation shared with him an idea that we want to embody. And he offered to use his space. Today, however, had to evict him from office – all for the sake of art”.

“I hope the result will be worth it. Of course, in the pavilion, but I wanted it authentic, working, lively atmosphere. Details chips will not recreate from scratch. We looked at the wording of all the editions, it was interesting: Maxim brand men’s the situation, Elle and Marie Claire – fashion in pure form, in the “StarHit” – a creative mess. This is life, as is done press”.

In the video, Valeria appears as editor of a glossy magazine, a successful business lady. At some point she encounters on the street with ex-lover, who will play the actor Victor Vasiliev.

“They cross glances, and then both fall memories – continues the artist. – Former do not happen: the man’s whole life will take a piece of the heart.”

The premiere of the clip, the filming of which was attended by the staff of the Publishing house, will take place in early 2018.