Larisa Guzeeva admitted to severe dependence

Лариса Гузеева призналась в тяжелой зависимости Actress and TV presenter told of how coming to after work. Larisa Guzeeva admitted that work takes a lot of energy and nerves, but so far she’s not ready to give up the career. Favorite hobby artist – cooking.
Лариса Гузеева призналась в тяжелой зависимости

Larissa Guzeeva, the permanent host of the program “let’s get married!”. The actress spoke about how to cope with stress after a hard days of shooting.

“In the head is a mess because of the number of stories of grooms and brides. With his colleague Andrey Malakhov spoke, said: we can not all pass through itself, but I can’t help myself – I’m in this sort of thing unprofessional. So then just lie in front of the TV like a cat and watch “shop on a sofa” which is there in the background” – said Guzeeva.

The artist confessed that he suffers from a heavy dependence on things. In her house almost all the shelves filled with boxes and useless things.

“These people at store brainwashed me: take the knives you need right now, a third as a gift, buy a belt and be able to eat everything, and he will be beating to a different place, and you will lose weight. And so fast say think how easier life. Now they congratulate me with every holiday, call: we have here the new ride,” said the actress.
Лариса Гузеева призналась в тяжелой зависимости

The actress is a wonderful cook. Guzeeva preparing for family and friends delicious meals.

“I think only how to chop vegetables, make the dough. Important – at this time friends call, come with their own problems, and I don’t have them. I cook industrial scale, because many relatives all love my food. I have a two-gallon pots at home. Because… well, you never know who will come in? I’m not a burden. When going on tour, doing my two huge pie” – shared the actress.

In an interview Larissa noted that it is not ready to be home. According to the actress, in family should work both the husband and wife. “Today in the family – if not crooks – must work both. When one is sitting at home, it is unlikely that the family will be able to afford something special to let. And yet – the children, their learning, on how many it is necessary. I’m working to avoid misunderstandings, to earn. And not just to amuse vanity. I’m scared, if I don’t need. That is the reality,” said Guzeeva.