The daughter of Alexei Petrenko admitted dislike of a famous father

Дочь Алексея Петренко призналась в нелюбви к знаменитому отцу Daughter of people’s artist Pauline came to the Studio talk show “In fact” to prove: the last wife of her famous father Azim Abdumuminov is a fraud. In the words of the successor of the actor, the woman lied to Alexei Petrenko for several years.
Дочь Алексея Петренко призналась в нелюбви к знаменитому отцу

Polina Petrenko is the daughter of the popular favorite Alexei Petrenko. Actor died in February this year. After the death of folk artist of his last wife Azima Abdumuminov and a daughter from his first marriage began a war of succession stars. Polina is sure that Azim bewitched and betrayed her dad. According to women, the actor is not the biological father of his daughter, Melanie Abdumuminov.

Pauline told the experts and guests of the program “actually” with Dmitry Shepelev, the father beat her as a child, left my mom and left her for another woman. Program specialist, asked a provocative question: if she loved dad? Pauline said no and it turned out to be true. After the shocking revelations of the woman had a nervous breakdown, and she was in hysterics left the Studio talk show.

“What are you telling me, fools?! I loved him! In life so does not happen: black or white. I called him all the time!” said Petrenko.
Дочь Алексея Петренко призналась в нелюбви к знаменитому отцу

The project viewers get to know: Paulina is sure that the love between her father and Asimow Abdumuminov wasn’t, the woman just cleverly deceived actor. “I want to inherit from those reasons that the speculator should not receive anything! I – the daughter!”.

During the program, experts also found out that Pauline was suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction. “I wanted to be an actress. Interesting to me was all sorts of condition. It was the experiments of youth”, – said the woman.

The editors of the program “really” was invited to the Studio and Ulugbek Suleimanov. The man says that Azim gave birth to a daughter Melanie from him, not from Alexei Petrenko. “I came here for my daughter, you’re honest with me. With Asimos we started together seven years ago. Met in the bus we have in Kazakhstan. Normally lived, then she left and took my daughter”.

Дочь Алексея Петренко призналась в нелюбви к знаменитому отцу

Then Ulukbek announced that beat Abdumuminov, but the man in any case wants to pick up his daughter, presenting to the public the results of the DNA test.