Валерия поборола страх высоты, прыгнув со скалы на параплане

The famous couple decided to tie with a relaxing vacation, during my last vacation in Switzerland, they flew the glider, floated on a mountain river and went Hiking.

Singer Valeria and her husband, music producer Iosif Prigozhin, love to travel, it can be called a favorite hobby of the couple. Tape their “Integramod is constantly being updated with sights from different cities. The couple never spare efforts for Hiking, architecture, historical monuments and beauties of nature. The sea and the beach was also a traditional event, but not this year.

“This is the first summer in a long time, when my wife was not on the sea,” says Joseph Woman’s Day. — Probably tired of the traditional holiday, when lying on the beach, eat and get fat. This summer we decided to try an extreme vacation and went to visit brine shrimp in Switzerland.”

The eldest son of Valerie was happy to have guests. This year a young man graduated from University. He studied at two faculties – the programming and Finance, and has now submitted documents to the graduate school. This is an important event for the whole family, which certainly had to celebrate, especially since all of the happy event also coincided with the birthday of Artemis.

“It came just at the time when Artemis was the day of birth, on his initiative, pointed in the air. It was an unforgettable paragliding right over the lake Geneva – says Prigogine. — Made a lot of shots and even took video. On this adventure subscribed for the sake of Artemis, our mother once again wanted to prove that for the children are ready for everything. We ourselves would not have made such an extreme. Flew with an instructor, without it, you need a special license.”

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“I’m terribly afraid of heights, I feel dizzy, even when I go out to the balcony. Artemy was flying on the glider a couple of years ago and wanted to repeat the feat, she adds. — Invited us to join, but I categorically rejected this idea. But then I thought that her fears need to fight, and even more so coincided with the birthday of son, the end of our holiday season, and we did it!

It was terrible indescribable, at least for the first ten minutes. We were flying at an altitude of half a kilometer down even could not see the houses, just little dots. The second part of the flight I relaxed a bit and started to enjoy what is happening. At this altitude, breathtaking views. This experience is impossible to convey, constantly replaying those 25 minutes of flight”.

In addition to paragliding Joseph, Valeriya and Artem during the holidays I managed to work out rafting and Hiking.

“The first time we were alloyed on the mountain river,” continues the singer. — It was scary, but we decided that it was time to experience these emotions. The instructor picked up experienced, he knows the river by heart, every stone and this is very encouraging. Before we begin, we conducted a detailed briefing, explained how to act if the canoe suddenly turned upside down or people will be out of business. We felt in safe and experienced hands, so everything was fun and without incident”.

While Hiking the singer and her husband also received a lot of vivid impressions and discovered a new passion – Hiking.

“Before we Hiking not fond of, except that have made the long hours of walking through cities, where we rested. In Switzerland, the same was held to 30 miles a day, climbed mountains. Did not get tired to admire the beauty of nature. It is so neat and tidy there, as if you get the picture: beautiful mountain landscapes, lakes, walking deer, ” says Joseph. — I must say it is a real challenge, but I was amazed my wife. Overcoming 30 kilometers, it seemed to me that she will still be the same. Call it old age. It is not surprising that vacation we first recovered, and lost, even Artemy has shugol.

In General, the holiday was a success, I think we have not just repeat all the things that we’ve been through. Honestly, Canoeing, Hiking and paragliding made me feel like 25-30 years.

When you’re in the sport mode: jeans, krossovochki, activity, age was not felt. I think that the most important key to the success and health with age, feel younger, if the passport is not to look. The best example, as Valeria. I don’t know, I look at her and admire”.

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