Алексей Воробьев сделал новую татуировку

During a football match in Rostov-on-don the singer took off her shirt and accidentally showed off a new picture on the body.

This is not the first wearable “paintings” famous bachelor. On the right wrist Vorobyov emblazoned inscription Glory in the hands of labour (“Glory in the hands of labor” – the words of Leonardo da Vinci, which he did in 21 years. On the set of the TV series “Deffchonki” Alex appeared with a tattoo-Sex+Love on the neck, but the inscription was a fake.

“I grew up with the feeling that a real boy should be removed. — said Vorobyov. — It is for me as a reminder: need to work on, not stopping never. Later, the singer added that more stuff on the body the tattoo is not going: “I’m an artist. This tattoo sometimes you have to make up. Remember, came once again to the shooting, and the makeup was in shock. But I have no regrets. I think when I turn 50 years old, I will be happy to remember the day, when it was painted. And count how many wonderful things did, looking at these words. And be sure to stitch it, because by that time she’ll probably melt”.

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However, something forced Alexis to change her mind, and a couple of weeks ago, the artist has looked to the tattoo artist. Now under the heart Vorobyov flaunts a prayer in Latin:

Angele Dei,

qui custos es mei,

me, tibi commissum

pietate superna,

illumina, custodi,

rege et guberna.


Translates the text as:

The angel of God,

My Keeper,

Enlighten and bless,

Guide and lead me,

For I entrusted to you

The goodness of heaven.


Who knows, maybe the choice of such a tattoo is due to the failure of the handsome man in your personal life? Recall, six months ago, completion of the project “the Bachelor”, where Alex failed to find his girlfriend. At the end of the show the singer decided to stay alone, not believing in the senses either of the two contenders for his heart. Maybe now Alexey Vorobyov hoped to enlist the support of higher powers in matters of love.

Do you like men with tattoos?

  • Depends with what. If it fits, why not?
  • Oh yeah, they’re very manly!
  • Generally no, but sparrows handsome!
  • I can’t stand. It’s so damage the body!
  • Do not favor, but if only the person was good
  • Unless it’s on his forehead…

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