Valeria gathered his friends to a luxurious reception

Валерия собрала друзей на роскошный прием The actress said 49th anniversary. Valeria gathered friends and family in one of capital restaurants. Followers guests of the festival watched the updates in their microblogging and examined the outfits of the guests.

      The night before, a talented singer Valery has celebrated its 49th anniversary. In a Moscow restaurant held a party in honor of the star. In the cosy atmosphere of gathered relatives and friends of the artist.

      Hero of the occasion appeared in the spring dress with blue pattern decorated with yellow buttons. Slim waist is effectively emphasized slender figure of Valerie. In the evening, she decided to sing karaoke for the audience. During the performance she approached her beloved husband Joseph Prigogine and gently hugged him.

      All three of us, Anna, Artemy and Arseny began to congratulate your mother in the morning. They actively shared vivid images of the event on social networks. Daughter Valerie showed a huge cake of three layers, on top of which was mounted the figure of the artist. Arseny put the frame with her mother and received a lot of comments that web users noted that it looks fantastic.

      Social media users have arranged an active discussion of the outfit Valerie. Many people do not understand the ideas of the designer, who modeled the outfit, so he called it a robe. Most of the subscribers of the actress appreciated it a festive look and left congratulations happy birthday on her page. “I wish you a lot of new hits that you’ll have to please. Good health and the most important is family happiness, happy smiles on your faces, sparkling eyes of love and warmth that comes from you”, “You are adorable in this dress!”, “You are awesome, stay like this always!” “Valeria’s like a little porcelain figurine! Happy birthday! Thank you for your energy and warmth of the soul” – such comments have been left followers of the singer.

      As noted by users of social networks, many celebrities visited this evening with two events. Inna Malikova, Yana Rudkovskaya and viola Syutkin time to attend the awards ceremony in one of capital concert halls, where awarded the most stylish representatives of the Russian show-business. Maria Kozhevnikova changed her image