Director Alexey Uchitel responded to the attacks of Natalia Poklonskaya

Режиссер Алексей Учитель ответил на нападки Натальи Поклонской
It all started with the fact that the former Prosecutor of the Crimea Natalia Polonskaya initiated the “psychological and culturological legal linguistic investigation” to the famous Director Alexei Uchitel.

Режиссер Алексей Учитель ответил на нападки Натальи Поклонской

After examining the trailer and the script of the film “Matilda”, the experts came to the disappointing conclusion that the picture offends the feelings of believers, calling the work provocative.

The teacher gave a full and detailed response to the attacks Poklonskaya:

“Frankly, I’m tired of war, Madam Polonskaya with me and the whole crew of the film. Instead, calmly finish the film, I have to be distracted by nonsense, nonsense and insults. When he personally insulted me, I wasn’t hurt. But when now one of the greatest ballerinas of the world, the wife of one of Grand Dukes, and just woman, some men are called rat writing about her alleged the curves of the teeth, and the like, I feel just not myself. Honestly, I’m just embarrassed for these people. Ashamed and sad that such people in Russia can be called experts. Good would have cost them to make the examination. Only psychiatric. In their so-called expert opinion mentioned the word “manipulation”, but in my opinion, all these actions is the manipulation of people who have not seen the picture. I know that MS Poklonskaya attended the announcement of the President’s address to the Federal Assembly, she had to hear the words of the head of state that any artist has the right to freedom of expression. It is surprising that, knowing about this whole situation, silent. MS Poklonskaya’s trying to engage in unnecessary and useless discussion. The film will be released, everyone will watch it, and then perhaps discuss it”.

Who will win this grip will only learn if the movie will still be released in wide release.

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