The star of “House-2” Eugene Rudnev married a client of the fitness club

Звезда «Дома-2» Евгений Руднев женился на клиентке из фитнес-клуба Ex-reality show participant formalized the relationship with the beloved. The young man shared in the social network snapshot from the Registrar’s office. He accepts the congratulations of friends and acquaintances. Subscribers Rudnev gave their wedding rings and wished the couple happiness.

      Звезда «Дома-2» Евгений Руднев женился на клиентке из фитнес-клуба

      Former participant reality show “House-2” Eugene Rudnev was again married. A year after her divorce from Liberi Kadono the man started to look for a new love. He did not believe that I will be able to re-experience passionate feelings for a woman. However, fate brought him with a pretty blonde Elena. After six months of relationship, the man proposed to her during a holiday in Thailand. In a romantic setting Rudnev gave the girl an engagement ring and she said Yes. In January 2017, they filed an application to the Registrar.

      Yet the couple shared only with the document of marriage and showed the engagement ring. Relatives and friends congratulate the newly spouses.

      Звезда «Дома-2» Евгений Руднев женился на клиентке из фитнес-клуба

      Recall that just six months Eugene and Helen realized that are made for each other. They met in the gym. A girl was Rudneva fitness. She knew he had earlier participated in the TV show, and was also aware of his personal relations with other passions. However, she was not embarrassed by such past men. Evgeny Rudnev left the “House-2” with the scandal

      “I had different girls, and in it I found exactly what I was looking for, – said Eugene. She’s a bit older than me, independent, understanding, feminine, charming. We immediately began to live together. Lena knows that I was a member of “House-2”. It turns out that when I was under the cameras, she had experienced a difficult relationship with a young man. Each time quarrels Lena said: “the worst you can be only Rudnev!” Now, after talking with me, she knows I’m a completely different person,” said Eugene.

      Ex-member of telestroke has admitted feelings to Elena on social networks. The man claimed that a girl he was looking for many years. He feels from the bride’s support and assistance. Recently Rudnev has changed. Eugene is actively involved in sports, as well as helps young talents to develop in music. DJ no longer remembers his former wife. According to the stars “House-2”, he has outgrown the relationship, so they have to Kadono nothing happened. Eugene hopes that Libers will meet their fate. The woman couldn’t take their divorce and tried to lose myself by abusing alcohol. However, after the qualified help of experts, she managed to pull myself together.