Valeria Gai Germanicus accused the ex-spouse in “the swamp consciousness”

Валерия Гай Германика обвинила бывшего супруга в «болотном сознании» The Director spoke rather sharply about his homeland ex-husband. Valeria Gai Germanicus has repeatedly made it clear after the divorce that left a low opinion of Vadim Lyubushkin. Apparently, she did not regret parting with your partner.

      Валерия Гай Германика обвинила бывшего супруга в «болотном сознании»

      Film Director Valeria Gai Germanika herself raising two daughters, Octavia and Severin. When a woman was pregnant with her second child, she decided to divorce her husband, dancer Vadim Lyubushkin, after only four months after the wedding. The Director decided that it would be easier to raise a child than to live with a man who cheated on her.

      On the eve of Valeria was a guest in the Studio “Classmates online”. Leading decided to make a small quiz for the Director. She began to list the events that could happen in Russia, offering to guess Germanicus, truth or fiction. In one of the newsletters mentioned Omsk. Valeria started to talk about what she knows about the Siberian city. As it turned out, he causes women is not the most pleasant associations.

      “You know that the city of Omsk built on the marshes, this marsh and consciousness determines being. I think Omsk can be everything my ex-husband from Omsk,” – said Valeria Gai Germanika.

      Apparently, the Director has remained a low opinion of the former spouse. Previously, she said, that a man is not justified her trust. Valeria feels that she can to cope with work and with raising daughters.

      “My ex-husband will not give anything to my children. They are in fifth grade are educated it,” Germanicus said in an interview.

      However, Valeria does not leave the hope that her life journey will meet a man who is worthy of her love. She is now completely immersed in the work and care of children. Germanicus glad the eldest daughter of Octavia thinks and acts like an adult. The girl happily takes care of little Severin and tries to help her mother. Valeria instills the eldest child of thought about charity. Octavia receives fees that are spent on the advice of my mother for good.

      “She will star in music videos, some commercials. Her fee is. Latest the fee she gave up for the decoration of the Church flowers at the Annunciation. All of their money. Together we made this decision,” said Germanicus.