Victoria Dayneko showed passion with a stranger

Виктория Дайнеко продемонстрировала страсть с незнакомцем The singer shared erotic video in Instagram. After parting with her husband Dmitry Kleiman artist is in a difficult emotional state. Wanting to escape, the woman plunged into work and remembered a fragment of his video.

      After the unexpected for fans of the Victoria Dayneko rupture with drummer Dmitry Kleiman star tries to do music anymore. A young mother writes new songs, actively supports and participates in various shooting. One of the new songs celebrity will soon be performed in the framework of foreign films. Daineko decided to share the joy with followers and posted a clip from two years ago, which imposed a new track.

      The plot of black-and-white video portrays Victoria’s passion with a man: kisses, hugs and sensual touching. Video it was accompanied by explanatory text. “18 plus. Good news. The song “Wrap it up” became the soundtrack for the English film, which will be released this summer. This is the first mention of my music outside of Russia and I am very pleased. In honor of this news, I mounted a mini video clip “beat Themselves”, – told the artist.

      It is worth noting that the woman really noticeably upset, constantly reminiscing about her husband. Despite the separation of young people, fans of the couple continue to believe in their reunion. Earlier Dmitry Kleiman has commented “StarHit” an unpleasant subject, saying that he is not ready to take the first step and reconnect with the official wife.

      “We are not divorced like, but it happens all. I don’t know what it is. Let as Vic thinks and says. She will tell you the truth. Not going to fix anything. Hope she’s got something to do”, – said the musician.

      Subscribers microblog Dayneko had noticed a change in the mood of pet. A woman sings a sad song about love, takes off his wedding ring, he leans on sweets often closed from all homes and includes romantic movies. Recently, for example, she first saw “beauty and the beast”. And after he shared with fans impressions. It turned out that the artist was left in complete awe of good films and even some times tears.

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      By the way, about the reasons of the gap with the second half, Vick still doesn’t tell. However, concerned fans of her work looking for a hint in any publication idol. Earlier, the singer expressed her opinion on the topic of cheating. Some users of the social network suggested that she thereby hints at his own love story.

      “Today you like, you have everything, and tomorrow a man will meet another and you lose everything. I have seen such moments in life when the girl was left with two children and was forced to exist on a dime. Since childhood, I understood: no matter how developed my family life, I must be independent!” – shared Daineko.