Valery Meladze boasted grown-up son

Валерий Меладзе похвастался повзрослевшим сыном The artist came to the program “Evening Urgant” and told about the heir. 13-year-old Kostya interested in technology and electronics, as well as working on the Tesla coil. According to Valery Meladze, the boy has the engineering mind.

      Валерий Меладзе похвастался повзрослевшим сыном

      Singer Valery Meladze became the guest of the program of the First channel “Evening Urgant”, where he described the role of the mentor in the show “the Voice. Children”, and also about the events of his life. In the beginning, the artist congratulated on the fact that his eldest daughter Inga married lover — journalist Nori Vergina.

      Then the presenter Ivan Urgant showed a photograph of another child of a celebrity. Showman did not hide that he was amazed at how quickly he grew up. “I saw the man in the photograph. And this is Kostya, your eldest son! Tell me, please, what he likes, what are you teaching him, what are you helping him? Does your technical education? Will he be an artist?” — asked Ivan.

      Валерий Меладзе похвастался повзрослевшим сыном

      Answering the questions of the presenter, the artist did not begin to hide that proud of his son who was born in the marriage with Albina Dzhanabaeva. He is growing like his father. According to the music star, Kostya, as he is fascinated by technology. Note that the singer once he graduated from the Mykolayiv shipbuilding University named after Makarov, majoring in “mechanical engineer of ship power installations”.

      “Moved to serious talk. Talk about a technique!.. Yes, indeed, Kostya already almost overtaken me in height, although he was barely 13 years old. He’s really interested in technology, and in its warehouse of thinking he is an engineer, same as me. He loves everything about technology, mechanics, electricity. He is currently working on a Tesla coil” — said Valery Meladze.

      In addition, the artist spoke about his work as a mentor in the children’s “Voice”. According to the artist, his colleagues — Dima Bilan and Nyusha — real professionals, who remarkably are their wards. Answering the question whether he was preparing for the shooting of the popular TV show, Valery Meladze said that he had not engaged in such things. “No, of course I have not tried. It is always interesting first to try something,” said star music.