Valeria believes that marriage with Leonid Yaroshevskii was a mistake

Валерия считает, что брак с Леонидом Ярошевским был ошибкой

The famous singer Valeria visited in the new season of the TV show on NTV called “million dollar Secret”, which told the secrets of his personal life leading Lera Kudryavtseva.

Валерия считает, что брак с Леонидом Ярошевским был ошибкой

This Saturday at five PM, the episode with the singer will start a new season on NTV channel where she talked about her relationship with her first husband, composer Leonid Yaroshevsky. They broke up over twenty years ago, but the man held a grudge and wrote the book “Valeria steam train from Atkarsk”. In it, he wrote that the singer used their marriage to make a successful start in your career. Valery believes that the marriage was a mistake and she did the right thing by filing for divorce.

“He was my first love, and now I perceive it as a first mistake,” admitted Valery “million dollar Secret”.

Girl was hoping that the first marriage was a mistake and will be left behind. But the second novel with producer Alexander Shulgin was also incorrect. The man wasn’t afraid to raise his hand to his beloved. “Like her cheek and puffy eyes”, the girl pointed hands swollen cheek remembering a family quarrel with Shulgin. Out of love to the producer, Valeria endured all the bullying, risk their lives and health. In broadcast TV it will tell you how are still able to file for divorce and get away from the rapist.

“Russian artist in the Studio program will make a shocking confession. Star frankly tell how many years was the victim of domestic violence, and why after divorce with Shulgin, was in constant fear for their lives and for the lives of three children,” reads the teaser for the first series of the new season.

Now, the singer lives in marriage for over ten years with her third husband Joseph Prigogine. Children of the actress from a previous marriage and I get along great with her new representatives, and even the singer herself got along great with his ex-wife Leila Fattakhova and her daughter Elizabeth. In your profile in instagram she rarely puts up pictures with friends. But as admitted the singer Lera Kudryavtseva, not with all the children of her husband, she was able to make friends.

The singer appeared not only in the new season of the show “the Secret in a million”, but on the rehearsals of the participants of the “New idol.” She was amazed at the abilities of the guys.