Svetlana Svetikova is afraid for the health of the unborn child

Светлана Светикова боится за здоровье еще не родившегося ребенка

In the shopping center Adler pregnant singer Svetlana Svetikova husband got into a squabble with one of the guards, causing the girl broke down and cried. 33-year-old star is afraid that the transferred stress can affect the health of the child. Svetikova is already nine months and eagerly waiting for replenishment in the family.

Светлана Светикова боится за здоровье еще не родившегося ребенка

The singer is sure that the incident wasn’t provoked and they who did not do well. The guard did not like that the whole family of the singer with friends got out of the car near the entrance of the Mall. “The ugly situation at the shopping center in Adler. The guard didn’t like that he was thrown out of the machine I on the ninth month of pregnancy and Millenicom and my friend with his little daughter at the main entrance.” Milan — son of the artist.

“Notice, we never stopped anyone. Got out the emergency gang to the side, cars calmly passed by. He not only insulted my husband, provoking him to fight with the words “coward, come here”, but mate talked to me. Brought me to tears,” shares Svetikova their feelings at that moment.

The husband of the actress was able to hold back and not go with a verbal altercation in a fist. After the incident, Svetikova went to look for a guide of protection, to complain about the boorish behavior of one of worker protection. But after a long search, the singer still could not find the main. Despite this, the girl is happy that her health failed and experienced stress did not affect the baby’s health. “Thank God, my body did not fail me. Because I was seriously worried about”.

Светлана Светикова боится за здоровье еще не родившегося ребенка

Under posts on instagram, fans began to support in full the performer. “Don’t be discouraged by all cattle and YMCA! This is clearly internally notorious people!” said one of the fans. Many asked the girl not to pay attention to this incident and takes care of the baby, and some advised not to leave the situation and write a complaint to the management of the shopping centers that they would take appropriate measures.

Pregnant young singer told via a photo on instagram in may of this year, which was clearly visible already big belly. Soon the couple Svetikovoy and Alexei Polishchuk will have another child. The couple already have a son Milan. After that, she became less to appear in public, but released a video of the project IVAH’s song “Strayed”, which appeared in revealing costumes. Video came out dark and provocative.