Victoria Raydos: “Nyusha waiting for harmony in marriage and Buzova will still be one”

Виктория Райдос: «Нюшу ждет гармония в браке, а Бузова еще долго будет одна» The star of “the battle of psychics” made a prediction in the fall for the stars and the readers of “StarHit”. According to her, in September, the luck will accompany those who want to get married, and in October it is best to plan the birth of children. November is an auspicious time to start business projects.
Виктория Райдос: «Нюшу ждет гармония в браке, а Бузова еще долго будет одна»

On Saturday, August 26, on TNT kicked off the new season of the show “Psychics are investigating”. In the first issue in the role of detectives was made by Vitaly Sheps and Victoria Raydos.

This fall, the winner of the 16th season of the show “Battle of psychics” planned and productive. “At the end of September I will be holding workshops in Tyumen and Omsk, – has shared with “StarHit” Victoria. – In addition, I release the author’s deck of cards “Tarot”, and the second book, which will tell you how to get out of problematic situations and hardship”.

Victoria Raydos, permanent expert “StarHit” shared tips for fall: when is the best time to get married, where to go, what to fear, and whether to take out a mortgage?

Relationship: meet in October

“Those who have not found love, suggest to start Dating in the beginning of October. It is likely that such a novel in the future will result in something serious. September will be a good month to strengthen the held of relationships and marriage.

Recently singer Nyusha married Igor Sivova, a person not from the world of show business. Igor is the principal adviser to the President of the International University sports Federation. Despite the different schedules and activities, the Union promises to be strong and harmonious. The only thing I would have wished Nyusha women’s wisdom, patience and the ability to distinguish between work and family life.

Виктория Райдос: «Нюшу ждет гармония в браке, а Бузова еще долго будет одна»

But Anton Gusev and Victoria romanet I already predicted a quarrel during the summer. And so it happened. The fate has prepared for them a happy future together. Former participants of the project “Dom-2” has repeatedly stated about the intention to get married, but further conversations business is not has gone. Guys it’s time to stop kidding ourselves and remember that one only passion can not build a family Anton Gusev “stole” Victoria romanet

Olga Buzova, which is now engaged in a music career, it will still be one. She’s not looking. Olga can not wrest from the heart ex-husband, Dmitry Tarasov. The pain he caused her, still alive.

Vacation: fly to Greece and Croatia

Виктория Райдос: «Нюшу ждет гармония в браке, а Бузова еще долго будет одна»

In many countries there comes a velvet season. A good holiday destination think Greece and nearby Islands, as well as Bulgaria. I would recommend to refrain from traveling to the countries of the East. And for those who stay at home and work, I advise you to visit those parks, gardens and other pleasure grounds, where there are ponds or even streams.

Виктория Райдос: «Нюшу ждет гармония в браке, а Бузова еще долго будет одна»

This fall is the element of water are able to regain our strength. You should go to nature and spend more time in traffic, be it bike, scooter or your own two feet. The whole of September promises to be warm, and from October will begin cooling. Don’t miss a moment.

Children: wait for industrious pedants

Виктория Райдос: «Нюшу ждет гармония в браке, а Бузова еще долго будет одна»

Beginning of October – the best time for conception. And those who already are preparing to become parents this autumn, will delight – and their heirs very successfully implemented in life. Babies born in September 2017, will differ thoroughness and diligence. They are located to science and medicine. Will also handle the role of the assistant in any field. October babies – people thought, physical labor isn’t for them, they will suit any kind of dimension. For born in November, an important position in society and a prestigious job. This autumn we are waiting for replenishment in the family of Vlad Sokolovsky and Rita Dakota. The birth of the baby further unite the spouses. This Union is very harmonious and interesting. The guys manage to combine the romance with the “math.” All members of the genus Rita feel a strong financial acumen.

Finalist of the show “the Bachelor-3” Galina Rzhaksinsky also is waiting for the firstborn. Galina has long dreamed of motherhood, we can only be happy for her. The delivery will be fine, she will cope with them quite quietly. I only see Galina overly responsible and adoring mom, there is a risk to spoil the baby. Pregnant Galina Rzhaksinsky: “I will not be able around the clock to care for a child”

Tamer Edgard Zapashny has become a dad for the third time in September. Beloved Yaroslavna gave birth to a son. The child is very talented, his potential and talent impress me. He will be able to continue his father’s work.

Finance: taking out a mortgage

Виктория Райдос: «Нюшу ждет гармония в браке, а Бузова еще долго будет одна»

This autumn is favorable for financial transactions, for example, mortgages, loans. To conclude a major transaction and open a business is best in November. See that company of the singer Sergey Zhukov for the production of cupcakes, the proceeds of which in 2016, totaled 86.8 million rubles, will only expand. This is a very promising direction for him. It’s amazing that he has not done it before. Sergei has the energy and ability to lead the company in times of crisis, he is able to stabilize the situation. The soloist “Hands Up!” is a huge success. But Stanislav Kostyushkin, one of the eateries which were closed, you should do something else. Do not see his potential.

This fall I would advise you to be alert accountants, and employees of large industries, whether it is food industry or energy. In my opinion, the situation of these people can change, they should be careful.

Health: put cabbage leaf

Autumn is not called dull at times – the nature withers and preparing for the winter… But that’s no reason to be sad and succumb to depression. Now it is important to surround yourself with friends and communicate with those who are spiritually inspire you. I recommend to go to places where there is a “cohesion energy and excitement”. This can be quests, mafia, whatever, the main thing – to share with each other a positive attitude and a smile. With regard to the different viruses, we don’t see outbreaks of disease in Russia. The scourge of the XXI century – migraine and various headache. They suffer a large percentage of the population, especially office workers. They should try traditional methods. For example, applying to the head cold cabbage leaf, which perfectly removes spasm due to temperature difference. But singer Yulia Nachalova, many years of suffering from gout, I would advise to look for a clinic abroad where you will finally have a chance for a cure.”