Valeria and Joseph Prigogine was married

Валерия и Иосиф Пригожин обвенчались The couple were married in heaven. Valeria and Joseph Prigozhin decided to go to Church on the fourteenth anniversary of the wedding. Friends and acquaintances congratulate them and wish happiness.
Валерия и Иосиф Пригожин обвенчались

Joseph Prigogine and singer Valeria married. The pair made this decision after 14 years of marriage. Like many other stars, they took the time to go to Church to celebrate the Union in heaven. The actress and her husband decided to do it on the day of the anniversary of the wedding.

“A marriage made in heaven”, – has signed a snapshot Prigogine.

On pictures Valeria is in a white dress and her head covering stole. Presumably, it was shot at the exit of the Church. Friends and acquaintances congratulate them on their wedding.

“We wish a wide variety of goods, live only so long, love!” “What you fellows. Congratulations”, “Cool, you’re a gorgeous couple, happiness to you and your family!” “From a pure heart I congratulate you on this wonderful event!”, “Valeria, gorgeous! Serene Shine all and Shine,” wrote in the comments to the picture.

To celebrities congratulated each other on the social network. “Our Union was registered in Kutuzovsky registry office of Moscow. Nobody believed in our sincere and pure love. Evil tongues we predicted the imminent divorce from called it a trick of show business. I want to say to all: there are still decent people out there,” wrote Joseph.

Valeria also dedicated Prigogine post. She admitted her feelings for him. “How fortunate that all this time we are looking in the same direction! You and the volcano, and serenity, and warm summer rain, and gentle sun. Love you, and let them say,” said star.

Despite the fact that the part of Joseph and Valeria seem perfect for each other, between them also there are conflicts. “Both stubborn, always stand on his own, sometimes refuse to even hear each other. Joseph is a hot man, hot-tempered, when emotions overwhelm, not keeps. But we always find a compromise”, – told the star “StarHit”.

Valeria and Joseph never bored with each other. A husband tries to surprise the singer. “Joseph loves to arrange surprises. And, knowing that I don’t like gifts for occasions and memorable dates that always makes them unexpectedly. Once we had dinner after a hard day, and the husband says: “And come tomorrow to Dubai for a couple of days rest!” Bought tickets, Packed up, and in the morning we were at the airport”, – shared Valeria.