Pregnant Anna Khilkevich afraid of the evil eye

Беременная Анна Хилькевич боится сглаза Star of TV series “Univer” hiding from the fans the sex of the baby. Also the actress is wary of increased attention from the public and journalists. After first pregnancy, according to a long time did not advertise.

Anna Khilkevich will soon again become a mother. The actress and her husband, businessman Arthur Volkov already have a daughter Arianna. The sex of a child actress not yet called.

Lee told reporters, as the proceeds of her second pregnancy. In recognition of the actress, she changed her work schedule, but it still is heavier than the given working life of a movie star.

“I’m worn, worn and absolutely do not have time. Even think about the fact that my body is changing, there’s no time. I understand that she is pregnant, because all the time you need to buy new clothes. I say: “Anna, do everything on your status and mood.” I’m doing well. In this pregnancy I had a lot of desire to do and create. Always want to create something new,” shared Anna.

Fans remember that first pregnancy, the actress had carefully concealed from fans and the media. But the second time she decided to share with the Network users the latest news and star actively attending social events and parties.

“When I started to tell everyone about the pregnancy, was terrified, – says the artist. – Like I’m not very superstitious, but I recently started to cover fear. Especially in those moments when it’s someone else and starts to stroke my belly. It’s very annoying. After all this intimate, personal,” admitted Lee.

About sports TV star also does not forget. The actress has always distinguished a slender figure, and her pregnancy became a reason to take time off from simple physical exercises, despite a very busy schedule.

“With the first pregnancy I did yoga. I liked it. Now the most I manage is to swim in the pool. No time for absolutely anything! The only thing for me, law is doctor. I fully comply with the tests in time. Not doing anything harmful, the diet is also controlled. Although you can indulge yourself with a Cup of coffee. But only once a day. The doctors are not very good to fly the plane. In the first months I got it did not comply. I was flying, but now ceased. I was already on a plane should not be allowed,” said the actress.

The first daughter of Anna and Arthur, Arianna, looking forward to the birth of a brother or sister. Two-year-old girl are even ready to help the mother.

“She knows that my tummy is her brother or sister. Arianna is ready for this, constantly asking me lialechka. Not yet savvy enough to say who she wants more: a little brother or sister,” said the artist.

The artist said that he was going to give birth in Moscow. Anna refused to go to America.

“I was offered to go to the USA, but I don’t understand why I need it? I’m not going to move anywhere, to connect the life with America, too, do not plan to. So I will give birth here in Moscow,” said Anna in an interview with “Interlocutor”.