Putin spoke about the future successes of the Russian team at the world Cup

Путин высказался об будущих успехах сборной России на ЧМ по футболу The President stressed that the team has a chance to “shoot”. Vladimir Putin denies that the national team is not the best way acted on the stage of preparation for the world Cup, but the athletes still have a chance to become leaders of the tournament.
Путин высказался об будущих успехах сборной России на ЧМ по футболу

7 June 2018 in Moscow is the “straight line” with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The head of state has answered many interesting questions concerning social and political life of the country.

The attention of the citizens was attracted by the statement of Vladimir Putin about the upcoming world Cup, which will be held in Russia. The President noted that the Russian team didn’t perform well on stage preparing for the world Cup, but that doesn’t mean eventual defeat.

“Once I discussed with our coach on judo of the reasons the average performance of the team on one of the most important competitions. He then noted that the main priority for them is the 2014 Olympics in Sochi. As a result, in Sochi, they performed brilliantly. We hope that our national football team in the forthcoming championship “shoot” and show their best qualities,” – said the President.
Путин высказался об будущих успехах сборной России на ЧМ по футболу

He noted that the world Cup is very important for the whole country. In preparation for the competition in Russia was built the most modern stadiums, open new football database. All this, according to Putin, will have a positive impact on the level of development of sports in the country.

“We not only opened the stadium. We managed to create many sites for sport development, a variety of football base, a lot of malls and places to stay. I very much hope that in the future, the stadiums will be used for the intended purpose”, – concluded the President.

Mr Putin listened to the appeal of the coach and Valery Gazzaev, who promised that the world Cup 2018 will be held at the highest level without major problems and irregularities.

Recall that the main football event of the year kicks off on 14 June. The opening match will be held at the capital stadium “Luzhniki”. According to preliminary estimates, Russia world Cup will visit about a million fans from around the world.