Irina Ponarovskaya is planning a triumphant return to the stage

Ирина Понаровская планирует триумфальное возвращение на сцену The Director of the star hinted at the imminent creative experiment of the artist. Recently Irina Ponarovskaya has drastically changed, and apparently decided to abandon a long lull in his career.
Ирина Понаровская планирует триумфальное возвращение на сцену

Once Irina Ponarovskaya was just incredibly popular. Her concerts attract a huge audience, and almost every song artist became a big hit.

However, in the early 2000s, Irina became less to appear in public. Someone claimed that the star devotes all his free time to his family, but there were those who said the reason for her seclusion a reluctance to grow old in front of everyone.

Recently Ponarovskaya the second time became a grandmother. But this year the stars were out by chance, because the singer does not advertise the facts of his personal life. Now the Director of the artist has intrigued fans with news about the surprise.

“Irina, as always, gorgeous. With the new photo it shows how happy and how she is doing well in life. Perhaps the fall will be a surprise,” said Lera Covina.
Ирина Понаровская планирует триумфальное возвращение на сцену

Fans immediately assumed that Ponarovskaya intends to return to the stage with new hits. Despite the fading interest of the audience, Irina speaks very rarely, so the news of an impending surprise to admirers of her work.

Concert Director Ponarovskaya has previously noted that they received a lot of suggestions about touring. However, Irina could at the last moment to cancel his performances because of a bad mood.

“Call her and offer 50 or 60 thousand euros. Maybe even more, but we can refuse. Just due to the fact that Irina does not want to work that day. Irina also requires that she not be photographed. I personally go around the room and selected phones in the audience. She is now a grandmother, helping my son and daughter-in-law to care for children. She is well aware that they need support,” shared Tuwina in the program “You wouldn’t believe!”.

The singer prefers not to go out with fans at the link. She jealously guards his privacy and does not like to comment on the rumors. It is known that most of the free time Ponarovskaya in St. Petersburg, where he is often seen with his son, as well as visiting theatres and other cultural places.

Portal “Sobesednik” doesn’t tell you exactly when and where will be the next performance star. However, fans of Irina sure that every musical experiment will turn into a furore, because the star is still popular among loyal fans.