Valdis Pelsh has clarified the talk about the dire state of

Валдис Пельш прояснил разговоры о тяжелом состоянии Showman told “StarHit” what happened and where he is now. As it turned out, anchorman feels good and does not complain about his condition. Moreover, at the moment, Valdis Pelsh is sent on a mission to Kamchatka.

Today a number of media have published news about the emergency hospitalization of the well-known TV presenter Valdis Pelsh. According to journalists, the 50-year-old entertainer is one of the capital’s hospitals in intensive surgery. “StarHit” got through to the celebrity and find out what happened and what started this conversation.

“Well, then, I am now on the plane and plan to fly to Kamchatka shoot a new movie. In any hospital I’m not hospitalized, said Pelsh. – I got a lot of calls. About what you write, learned from journalists.”

After a telephone conversation with Valdis Pelsh has posted his selfie with the stewardess to prove to the public that all is well with him.

In October last Valdis Pelsh was indeed hospitalized in a Moscow clinic. But nothing serious with him then did not happen. The presenter explained that he was taken to the hospital for a routine examination, and with him all right. It is known that Valdis has several years of suffering from a disease of the pancreas. In 2007 with pancreatitis, he was taken to the intensive care unit. But thanks to a special diet new attacks can be avoided. At the time it was rumored that the star abused alcohol, and that was the reason for getting into the clinic. However, wife Pelsh Svetlana explained that unscrupulous journalists misinterpreted the words of the doctor, because these rumors and spread.

The name Valdis Pelsh is most often associated with “name that tune” and “Drawing”. But his career future star of the silver screen was just not on television. In his student years, to nobody the known guy of Latvian origin, he founded the rock band “the Accident”. In the University boy band quickly gained popularity, so the guys were invited on tours around the country. At the beginning of the two thousandth Valdis Pelsh has held the position of Director of children’s and entertainment programs of the First channel.

He currently sits on the jury of the Higher League of KVN, in films and maintains the corporate events. Valdis has four children. The eldest daughter of the E. of 25 years, youngest son – 3 years. The wife of the showman Svetlana in their own business. Four years ago, a beloved TV stars opened the Agency recruitment of domestic staff “Majordomo”.