Мария Максакова отказалась от шумной вечеринки по случаю юбилея The Opera diva continues to remain at the centre of public attention, was 40 years old. Maria Maksakova recently announced the opening of a Fund to support talented young musicians. The star, who is focused on working, not planning to hold a big celebration to celebrate an important date.
Мария Максакова отказалась от шумной вечеринки по случаю юбилея

24 Jul Maria Maksakova celebrates its birthday. Opera diva was forty years old. In the last few months, the actress was at the center of attention of the public. The singer’s life changed dramatically after she lost her husband Denis Boronenkov. Former state Duma Deputy was shot in late March in the center of Kiev.

Maksakova recently gave an interview in which he spoke about, is she going to celebrate his birthday. According to the singer, she is not planning to arrange a celebration, because the pain from the sudden death of her husband hasn’t left yet.

“Denis, I joked that I seem to be the first woman in his life that will move him 40 years old. It is also very fun about it, and if he was alive, I of course still LIKE be celebrated (the anniversary). Superstitions I was a little worried. (…) In my current situation is sad enough, and, of course, there is the internal attitude of some celebration. Huge Denis sadness, miss him very much. So will not mark it, but not because of superstition,” – said the artist.
Мария Максакова отказалась от шумной вечеринки по случаю юбилея

At the same time, many journalists say that Maria Maksakova looks great, and the image change has done her good. Recently, the singer is the owner of a stylish short haircut. According to the artist, her “once, as before, to wind the hair, straighten, backcomb”.

Now Opera diva with a head left in work. Maksakova hard working on his project on support of young and promising musicians. While the cost of Fund development is minimal. In recognition of the singer, a lot has to do on their own: Maksakova teaches the program, establishes contacts and takes part in the preparation of the site.

“Starting in September, and teaching. Not enough time so I can even skip lunch. Probably, it turns out that this regime and work I have improved more and physically”, – quotes the singer “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.

By the way, at the opening of the Odessa film festival, held in July, Maria Maksakova shone in a white floor-length dress. Your image of a celebrity added fur Cape to match. The surrounding was a little discouraged by way of the artist, because the weather in the resort town was very hot. However, fans of Mary praised her for her choice of attire, which they found bold and luxurious.