Валентина Титова оправдалась за «исчезновение» из жизни детей The heirs actress remained with Vladimir Basov. Despite the fact that, according to Valentina Titova, the actor abused alcohol, she did not contradict the desire of a son and daughter. Only a few years later the native people were able to forgive each other grievances.
Валентина Титова оправдалась за «исчезновение» из жизни детей

Legends of Soviet cinema Vladimir Basov and Valentina Titova lived in a marriage for 14 years. The couple had two children, son Alexander and daughter Elizabeth. However, the actress filed for divorce, and the heirs decided to stay with her father. Today, the program “Let them talk”, dedicated to the memory of Vladimir Basova, Valentina Antipovna told why left the family.

Titov, gave to understand that her husband abused alcohol. The actress recalled that three years suffered and warned her husband that will leave him, but it didn’t work. She found the strength to fight addiction artist and left the family.

“First, no one awarded him children. It was my decision. And when Vladimir Pavlovich proposed to divide the children, he kept thinking how to divide and destroy. But almost everyone is doing it, I don’t need to explain. All couples disagree so long fighting for years,” – said Titov.
Валентина Титова оправдалась за «исчезновение» из жизни детей

Andrey Malakhov suggested that thus, by manipulating children, Bass tried to get her back. Valentine Antipova remembered that, according to her, the man persuaded the heirs to stay with him.

However, Alexander has his own version of what happened in the relationship between mom and dad. He said that when he was 10 years old, my parents began the scandals. Four years later, the court asked him which of his relatives I would like to stay, the boy replied that with his father.

Валентина Титова оправдалась за «исчезновение» из жизни детей“Mother and the relationship soured, because I believed that he was the aggrieved party here. He insulted and deceived,” said the son Basov and Titova.

Alexander admitted that for some time did not communicate with Valentina Antipovna. However, the woman holds him is evil. Son Titova told that one was not allowed Titov to the threshold due to the fact that the house was Vladimir Pavlovich. The man said that after the death of dad’s relationship with his mother was warmer. One of the decisive factors was the fact that he was in the hospital. The actress left everything and immediately went to the aid of the son.

Now the actress is in a relationship with her granddaughter, daughter and heiress Elizabeth. The girl lives in Greece and regularly Titova is staying with relatives.