Телеведущая Ольга Ушакова сыграла свадьбу на Кипре The star of the show told about the celebration. Presenter of the First channel Olga Ushakova married restaurateur. Fans were quick to rejoice over the newly made spouses and wished them to keep anxious feelings to each other.

Host of “Good morning” Olga Ushakova tries not to advertise personal life. However, it was not kept and has told fans that her destiny has changed as she recently got married. Despite the fact that the ceremony took place on 17 July, just the other day she posted a photo from the occasion. The star of the show arranged marriage in the island of Cyprus. Olga posted in the microblog, where she and new husband have merged in a passionate kiss at the seaside. Guests stared at the pair and moved by sincere feelings and affection prevailing between them.

Fans were pleased that Ushakov showed a picture with such an important event in her life. They wished the couple to bring love through the years. “Congratulations! Happiness, love!”, “Respect. A woman got. Happiness to you”, “How romantic and beautiful! Olga happiness to you cloudless!”, “Happy for you, Olga! You are a wonderful person, and deserve all the best! You huge happiness, love and endless harmony!” – wrote followers.

For the wedding ceremony Olga chose a white dress with a fluffy skirt. She decided to focus on the neckline and bared shoulders. Shortly before the solemn day of Ushakov were having a hen party – gathered closest female friends to have fun together. They sang, danced and took pictures. On presenter was wearing a t-shirt with the inscription in English “bride” and the other girls were “bridesmaids”.

The presenter did not hide from journalists that her heart is busy, but tried not to talk a lot about the chosen one. She only said that he is a restaurateur and lives in another country. Olga told me that they are able to maintain a harmonious relationship in the distance. However, more recently, Ushakov admitted that not in a hurry to the Registrar.

Leading “Good morning” has two daughters and is glad that the man managed to make friends with girls. The screen star admits that maintaining a warm relationship with the father of the heiresses. The older girl Dasha was diagnosed with autism, but Olga did not give up and carried the baby to the doctors to improve her condition. In the end, she succeeded – the heiress could go to first grade with his peers. Special daughter Olga Ushakova dreams of becoming a translator