«Уральские пельмени» заявили об уголовном деле против экс-директора Нетиевского Artists continue to deal with the former employee. According to them, Sergey Nitievskiy used his official position for personal enrichment on a large scale. The actors believe that the damage from his actions amounted to 173 million. The producer denies any wrongdoing.

In the media the information appeared that against the former Director “the Ural pelmeni” Sergey Natascha a criminal case was initiated under part 2 of article 201 of the criminal code (“Abuse of authority”). The claimants became the present head of the Association Natalia Tkachev and members of the creative team. According to them, Nitievskiy company created from a person which has entered into contracts with CCC, and then hid the greater part of the proceeds. The amount of damage is 173 million roubles. In case the fault Natascha be proven, it can be sent to jail for 10 years.

According to the lawyer Evgeny artists Cartago, financial papers and documents which were prepared by the producer while working with the “Ural dumplings”, was handed over to the investigator.

“The case is initiated. Nitievskiy is suspect. Conducted a preliminary investigation. We have a problem only one — is the restoration of justice and bringing the guilty persons to criminal responsibility under the current legislation”, – said the representative of the collective.

The journalists asked for comments to GU MVD in the Sverdlovsk region, however, the press Secretary Valery Gorelykh chose to refrain from making any statements, motivated by the interests of the investigation. On the website of the office of the Prosecutor General in the Urals Federal district, a note which refers to the instruction of the Deputy Prosecutor General of Russia Yuri Ponomarev, the Prosecutor of Sverdlovsk region Sergei year will receive associate Professor He is asked “to carefully check the legality and validity of excitation of criminal case”.

Meanwhile, representatives of Natascha sure that Evgeny Orlov, the current Director of “Ural dumplings production” and the former head of “idee Fixe Media” wants to shift the responsibility. Lawyers producer believe that he, too, can initiate a criminal case for fraud. To this end, the lawyers Natascha intend to apply for Orlov.

“The ninth Arbitration Appeal court of Moscow has established that Evgeny Orlov acted in collusion with the late General Director of OOO “Ural pelmeni production” Alexei Buttercup and caused the company “idee fixe” Media damage”, – quotes the media the statement of the press service of the former Director “the Ural pelmeni”.

According to Natascha, former colleagues wanted to “water it with dirt,” so ran the information on excitation of criminal case. The man expressed the hope that the legality of the charges will understand law enforcement officers.

On materials of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” and URA