Евгений Осин о своей госпитализации: «Это все сплетни» Several media outlets reported that the singer was taken to the hospital. According to some information, Eugene Osina serious health problems. The doctors say that this is due to his lingering alcoholism. The singer personally commented “StarHit”.
Евгений Осин о своей госпитализации: «Это все сплетни»

Journalists reported that Evgeny Osin got to clinical hospital No. 67 of them. L. A. Vorohoba serious problems associated with alcohol abuse. Some publications wrote that he was literally unrecognizable. The artist has long remained in his apartment and abused alcohol. Aspen had decided to go to the hospital. “StarHit” contacted Eugene to see how he feels.

“I’m fine. I’m in a cafe, eating. It’s all gossip,” said the singer.

Mother of illegitimate daughter Elena Osina said other information. “Jack was planning to go to the hospital, but it was delayed all the time because the institution does not have seats. Yesterday things in the hospital were collected,” said the woman “StarHit”.

Earlier, Eugene had other health problems. The actor has two left feet. The reason for this was problems with the spine. “I live alone, hardly move around the apartment. The feeling that crawl on sharp knives”, – complained the singer.

Last summer aspens undergoing rehabilitation in Thailand. There, under the supervision of psychologists, the artist tried to tune in a positive way and to forget about alcohol. However, he escaped and went to Russia. It was rumored that he simply ran out of visa. At home, he returned to addiction.

Some time ago he broke a rib. “The injury was last year in Thailand, the Eugene. There in the clinic billed – almost 2 million roubles. That kind of money I have. Returned to the capital, recommended a great surgeon, he treats Yuri Antonov… and the Olympic team,” said Osin.

Recall that some time ago he had an illegitimate daughter Nastya. A DNA test established their relationship. “With her mom, Lena and I met even before marriage with his first wife Natasha. We met on the Arbat, and I liked her immediately. Started to look soon we moved in together. Lived together for a few months, but then broke up. I met Natasha, was born Agnes. Same with the ex lover we were in a good relationship, occasionally seen. A few years ago, Lena had found my room and was stunned by the news that I have a daughter,” admitted Eugene, “StarHit”. A DNA test confirmed the paternity Evgeniya Osina