Звезду «Папиных дочек» обокрали на несколько миллионов Sergey Frolov pursues evil rock. Recently, the intruders entered the apartment of the artist and learned valuable things. Not long ago, the actor fought with black real estate agents, who threatened to deprive him of his living space.
Звезду «Папиных дочек» обокрали на несколько миллионов

Today it became known that the actor of the series “father’s daughter. Supernovasky” Sergey Frolov became a victim of criminals. 43-year-old man lives in an apartment in the area of Biryulyovo Zapadnoye. According to him, unknown persons broke into his house and took out the valuables. The artist did not hesitate and immediately reported the theft to the police. He wrote a letter and hoped that soon investigators will find his property and punish criminals.

“The man reported that an unknown person entered the apartment in Bulatnikovsky the driveway and stole two fur coats, the box, and oboe. Material damage exceeded 2.6 million rubles,” – told reporters a source in law enforcement bodies.
Звезду «Папиных дочек» обокрали на несколько миллионов

Not so long ago Sergey was involved in yet another scandal with the fraud. The fact that the apartment belonged to his mother, who was ill with diabetes and did not work. However, she was given a loan secured by real estate. After a while her son came in one day paper that housing put up for sale, and he would soon have to vacate the premises. The actor from the series “father’s daughter” Sergey Frolov denied an apartment black realtors

Frolov was sure that realtors act according to a well-planned plan, as originally stated debt to nearly five million. However when the woman agreed to buy the apartment, this amount was written off, leaving 315 thousand rubles, which had to pay the actor.

The man suspected that his mother was probably under the influence of strong psychotropic drugs. Some medications Sergei found in her apartment after her death. The artist believes that a woman could convince to take the pill, then to get to take the credit. Frolov was going to do a handwriting expert and to submit the appeal not to stay with his wife and son on the street.

Frolov found the missing items from his apartment on March 29. According to “city news “Moscow”, the interior Ministry opened a criminal case of theft in especially large size.