Как, когда и с кем произошел первый поцелуй Меган Маркл?

Former actress Meghan Markle are under increased attention of journalists and paparazzi, so the story of the first kiss the future wife of Prince Harry five years ago has again gone to the media. Then the Prince’s bride wasn’t even familiar with it and the forbidden topics of conversation she had. Markle said that the guy she first time kissed, has become an actor Joshua Silverstein.

Как, когда и с кем произошел первый поцелуй Меган Маркл?

“I was 13 years old. We were at camp, and I kissed him,” — she thought.

On the eve of the wedding, the journalists of The Daily Mail appealed to Silverstein for comment, who is now happily married and has two children. “We were together every day, a lot of talking on the phone, held hands and kissed. Megan and peers, so I suppose I was 13 or 14 years old. I don’t remember the kiss, but I know that I was the first guy she kissed. She was very sweet and kind,” he said.

The actor said that in 1983 together with Megan they were in summer theater camp at the local Church where they began their romance at a young age. Within her work, they played in a theatrical setting, but at the end of the tour they interrupted the communication. News about the wedding of his former girlfriend with a member of the Royal family of Silverstein did not upset, and even happy. “I’m happy for her. She is very smart and she is called, has a head on his shoulders. I am very happy that her dreams came true. It’s great that someone with whom I communicated in the past, all so well developed,” he concluded.

However, now Megan not until last, after all, is in full swing preparing for the wedding. The celebration will take place on 19 may, while that Markle was not invited, decided to come to the feast. The edition of Us Weekly has information from insiders, which provides that certain relatives of Megan on his father, with whom she went wrong relationships, are going to appear at the wedding of a former actress and Prince Harry. We are talking about stepsister Markle Samantha Grant, nephew Tyler Dooley (son of brother Thomas, Meghan Markle, Jr.) and his mother Tracy. “Megan is worried about some members of his family. She hasn’t spoken to them in years… She lost sleep over relatives who had deceived her. Because of them she was most worried after the engagement,” – said the insider.

Indeed, the relationship with the half sister she never had. Samantha Grant early stated that it intends to write a book called “Diary of sister Princess upstart” and publicly scolded Megan on his Twitter page. Half-sister, as well as some other relatives, did not leave without attention the review of Prince of familiarity Markle with the Royal family. Harry said that his lover now had a family, which has never happened before.