Updating the website of the design Studio UNA fabbrika

Обновление сайта дизайн-студии UNA fabbrika

Recently updated the website of the design Studio UNA fabbrica, successfully creating and implementing a variety of design projects. Recall that the Studio was created on the basis of factory PlazaReal kitchens and closely associated with manufacturers to implement their projects.

The updated website UNA fabbrica

The design Studio UNA fabbrica is a group of talented young people who are literally generating new ideas in the field of interior design. Work Studio attract your attention with beauty, style and novelty. Private and public interiors, urban apartments, country houses and cottages, hotel rooms, bars and restaurants — young talents can do everything. Projects are carried out in a variety of styles, each creatively reinvented with preservation of the basic stylistic features, but because it becomes something new.

Creative activity of Studio UNA fabbrica has unique features, but because the designers are easily recognizable, and this is despite following the basic canons of style.

The updated website reflects the peculiarities of the creative nature of the activities of the Studio, style preferences and preferences of designers. On the pages of the web resource contains all the necessary information about the creative team, is well laid out and conveniently implemented portfolio with detailed description of implemented projects, richly illustrated with photographs.

Design a bathroom from the Studio UNA fabbrica

One of the new activities Studio that offers Studio, is developing a unique bathroom design http://una-fabbrica.ru/razrabotka-dizajna-vannoj at the request of private individuals and companies. Designers and decorators of the Studio believe that the bathroom should be the room in which originality, practicality and functionality and can be combined perfectly with comfort, and rationalism does not hurt the beauty and style solutions.

Some eclectic projects bathrooms from design Studio does not prevent the perception of wholeness. Symmetric and asymmetric shapes, small and large elements complement each other, creating a unified, whole experience. For typical projects, well-hidden, camouflaged communication, the perfect selection of finishing materials and many interesting details, giving the room design is purely utilitarian signs of uniqueness that creates a high level of comfort. Great importance the designers attach to the light.

The updated website design Studio reflects all the specifics of her work, as her real “face”. Creativity, originality of creative thinking, a broad view of stylistic solutions, high professionalism and individual approach to addressing each client characteristic for the activities of the design office UNA fabbrica.