Сняла маску: Гага впервые позволила себя увидеть настоящей

More recently, it was hard to imagine “mother of monsters” without a ton of makeup, fancy treads and of course the fishnets. But that all changed with the release of this clip!

Tinsel and aspirations to shocking around 30-year-old singer has always been so much that at one point fans had forgotten what it really is. Blonde or brunette, any eye color, and finally what she looks like off stage. So, the answer is: Gaga is a brunette with brown eyes and a little different from us. In the new clip “Million Reasons” the singer first showed what it is!

Not surprisingly, the clip only for the first day up to almost 460 thousand views on YouTube. Because Gaga is in it is not the idol of millions, but a simple girl driving the car, in the dressing room and with friends in the desert. And, it seems, the singer do not confuse regrown black roots and no make-up…

As to the composition itself, the “Million Reasons” – a song from the new album of Lady Gaga Joanne. Dedicated to the memory of the deceased aunt of the singer – Joanna.

It should be noted that the movie was incredibly emotional and touching. It is possible that this is associated with changes in the life of the stars. Recently the actress confessed that there was another course of treatment for lupus – the disease that killed my aunt. And finally broke up with fiance Taylor Kinney.