Развод с Джоли побудил Питта сделать пластику лица

According to friends, brad feels overwhelmed, but wants to look like a million dollars.

Think Angie did everything to make the life of the ex-spouse in hell. Endless drug tests, the courts, and now check for alcohol. Yes, Jolie insisted on this, if pitt wants to take the kids for a weekend.

Of course, experience could not fail to affect the appearance of brad. According to friends, he’s about to go under the surgeon’s knife… pitt is going to look at least 20 years younger.

Not to conquer Jolie’s new appearance, he does not intend to, but work does not want to lose. 52-year-old actor already was on reception at the doctor. And began training to several operations.

“Brad has already done injectable fillers, Botox injections and peels, plus he spent blepharoplasty. He feels dead inside and this is why the outside needs to look like a million dollars,” writes the journal The National Enquirer.

Recall, the divorce of the most beautiful couples of Hollywood became known in September. The first documents filed in court Angie, putting the reason “irreconcilable differences” and “protecting the health of the family.”