Несчастливы вместе: почему на самом деле распались семьи Началовой, Апиной и  Джоли Yulia Nachalova not wait for the beloved proposal of marriage, Alena Apina lived with her husband for a daughter, and Jolie and pitt are getting divorced because of sexual problems. Experts said the “StarHit” why leave star.

      Несчастливы вместе: почему на самом деле распались семьи Началовой, Апиной и  Джоли

      This fall broke the record for divorce. Began to crumble the most exemplary and stable family – the collapse is not prevented even the presence of children. Like a bolt from the blue: a point in family life put Angelina Jolie a couple weeks later her example was followed by Russian star Alena Apina and Yuliya Nachalova. Sneznaya, host of “Diary of psychic” Fatima Khadueva and founder of the psychological center OKPSY Olga Kuznetsova argue that forced them to go for divorce.

      And still, I love you

      Yulia Nachalova change your mind to leave

      “Sasha and I are no longer together! Everything turns out for the best…” – about breaking up with her boyfriend, 34-year-old hockey player Alexander Frolov, 35-year-old Yulia Nachalova wrote in his blog. The singer and athlete have separated after five years of Dating. But psychic Fatima’m sure Nachalovo and her husband manage to save the relationship.

      “I don’t see quarrels between them and the pain of parting, – says Khadueva. – The feeling that, on the contrary, a temporary misunderstanding will push them to the wedding.

      Now Alexander does not perceive Julia as a bride, because she’s acting like a mistress in anticipation of marriage. Her constant change in appearance – short, long hair, horse weight, and periodically changing hairstyles – signal Frolov that it’s unstable and not yet Mature enough to become a wife. When she starts to behave as a wise adult female once you get an offer hands and hearts.”

      The therapist is sure that the whole blame for the crisis in relations.

      “Julia and Alexander had been together for five years – exactly as long lasted marriage Nachalovo with her second husband, footballer Jevgenijs Aldonina, – says Olga Kuznetsova. It is considered that five years is the term, which tests the strength of the Union. No Aldonin or Frolov checks have not been… for example, Julia wanted to put a ring on Valentine’s, and Alexander did not offer to sign in – it could cause her resentment. In an interview Nachalova often noted that he met Frolov in the most difficult period of life. Hockey player won her that surrounded by care and attention. So you can also assume that then, she needed care, and now a strong male shoulder next to it is not so necessary.”



      Несчастливы вместе: почему на самом деле распались семьи Началовой, Апиной и  Джоли

      Angelina and brad have been together for 11 years, the couple has three adopted children – Maddox, pax Thien, Zahara and three biological – Shiloh and twins Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcelin. In August 2014, stars married in the chapel in the South of France. But at the end of September this year, the 41-year-old actress announced that the divorced 52-year-old husband, the cause of quarrels putting irreconcilable differences.

      According to Olga Kuznetsova, all because of the mobile psyche Jolie. “Her problem is obvious even to the layman: sudden movements, his darting eyes, the thinness on the verge of anorexia, – says Olga. – Remember, in his youth, the actress cut herself with a knife is said about the mental oscillations with a large amplitude. She was already emotionally unstable. Plus a deep conflict with his father…”

      Another reason for the scandals in a pair of Olga believes poor health Jolie. Chaos, cross-dressing and fighting: the shocking details of family life with Jolie and pitt

      “She thanatophobia, that is, fear of death, – says the doctor. – It appeared in 2007, when the cancer took her mom away. Two years ago, because of the increased blood levels of tumor markers Jolie decided to remove Breasts, ovaries and fallopian tubes. This resulted in problems in sexual relationships. Maybe the husband tried to establish their sex life, but, alas, the response in the soul of the wife he found… However the pair broke through this period. Another matter that in such an atmosphere it is impossible to live forever, and, most likely, over time, Jolie no longer feel the unconditional support of pitt, that it really hurt. That resentment causes her to seek sole custody of the children Jolie takes revenge on her husband for, as she seems to lack devotion.”

      Psychic Fatima believes that the cause of the disorder lies in the other – Angelina is not internally Mature enough to be the mother of many children. “To do good Jolie tried, spurred by an internal set of spirituality, which has suffered since childhood, because of the complicated relationships in her family – sure, Khadueva. – It is noteworthy that three of us – different races. It is the inability due to the lack of time and experience to find to each child undergoing adolescence, individual approach and made angelina nervous. Brad tried to reason with a 15-year-old Maddox and 11-year-old male, even sometimes, perhaps, raised his voice, but the attempts of the husband to be simply called Jolie a rage – hence the accusations of aggression against the children.”



      Несчастливы вместе: почему на самом деле распались семьи Началовой, Апиной и  Джоли

      Alena Apina and 58-year-old producer Alexander Iratov got married 25 years ago. The couple have a 14-year-old daughter Xenia, born to a surrogate mother.

      “This is one of the most illogical divorces – says Fatima. – Alena and Alexander experienced a lot of difficulties – why are only 9 of Epinoy attempts to get pregnant through IVF! Each of them took the singer of the health condemned to hormonal surges – and yet her husband was with her in this terrible time. But, having overcome so many difficulties, Alena and Alexander have become too independent, separate from each other individuals.

      Alena Apina about divorce: “I’m Afraid that it will affect the child”

      Date of birth Epinay – August 23, 1964, says that she is very strong woman, she is dominated by the male sex qualities: endurance, stress tolerance, unwillingness to compromise and desire for domination. The male, quite frankly, it is not easy to get along…

      Alena and Alexander was found 25 years ago by chance. They were karmically necessary to each other to simulate their ancestors. Epinoy in the family a woman has behaved unscrupulously – stole the man from family or has taken a loved one. The same thing happened in the ancestors of Alexander. The universe brought them together to heal ancestral karma and their daughter and grandchildren in my personal life everything turned out well.”

      Fatima also believes that the couple affected daughter Ksenia. “She is now in puberty are prone to dissatisfaction, complexes, says Fatima. Her mood transferred to the family, made the atmosphere in the house tense.” The therapist also believes that the relationship with the singer and producer has outlived its usefulness.

      “Most likely, Alain and Alexander after so many years of marriage, realized that they’re no longer related, and are willing to open heart for a new love – suggests the doctor. – Besides her daughter 14 years old – a grown woman, she is already possible to explain why the parents are not together. After reviewing an interview with Alyona about her daughter, I learned that she is a fan of your child. The singer always said that for her the main thing that she was and mom and dad. But apparently her patience came to an end…”
      Несчастливы вместе: почему на самом деле распались семьи Началовой, Апиной и  Джоли