Swami Dasha confessed that he was tired of “the battle of psychics”

Свами Даши признался, что устал от «Битвы экстрасенсов» Tired of mystic participation in the project. According to him, the only thing that could improve his condition is to work on the project “Spirit-Soul-Body,” in which hosts workshops and seminars in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow.

      Свами Даши признался, что устал от «Битвы экстрасенсов»

      The show “Battle of psychics” is now in full swing. Every day the struggle between the rivals becomes fiercer, and the voltage increases. In the latest issue of heroes has discovered the secrets of the historical figure of Grigori Rasputin. One of the best in this test was the Swami Dashi. Mystic felt the energy of all the photos, which depicted Rasputin. Swami clearly described the emotions of this man. Also one of the strongest psychics of the seventeenth season was able to determine that the day of his murder Gregory had a presentiment of the crime.

      Test of “Battle of psychics” and the nervous situation on the project much exhaust Dashi. In free from shooting moments he finds solace in working at your meditation center. Dasha held on the eve of the seminar in St. Petersburg, where he helped many people, using the technique of combining physical and spiritual practices. According to Swami, this event also went in his favor.

      “The sun is shining outside, and inside too light and good! So quietly and happily. How are you? Realized yesterday, realized? Can, feet who are sick, confess! I also good now, the work treats, and I recover from all that thrash that living the last two or three months”, – wrote in the microblog Dashi.

      Judging by the user feedback in a social network, the seminar was great. “Dasha, thank you for yesterday’s awesome experience of body and soul! I’m happy to infinity! I love this world and ourselves in it”, “I Learned that I can do more than think. Pleased with himself and the result is like an elephant”, “Dasha, thank you for the motivation, for an internal impetus, for the assurance that I’m going in the right direction”, “Truly human, the possibilities are endless,” said those who have been in class with Swami.

      While mystic is fighting for the main prize “the battle of psychics”, Crystal hand, with the development of a centre of spiritual and physical practices he helps his wife, Irina Nogina. However, my family prefers Dashi is not a lot to tell. “I love solitude and silence, they find their lives and the lives of their families are taboo to others. Names, dates, specific information, give people an extra opportunity to penetrate the protective barrier that I painstakingly created many years, to protect yourself and your family from strangers” – shared the participant of the project. Swami Dashi hide the details of their personal lives