Cheryl Cole was on the verge of death

Виктория Дайнеко была на волосок от гибели The singer almost hit at the crosswalk, and then tried to take her Parking space. Offended Victoria have not found anything better how to Express their emotions in words and gestures. After some time Daineko came to the conclusion that it could damage the car of an unknown man.

      29-year-old singer Victoria Daineko recently got in a bad situation. Star nearly hit by a car premium class, when she was crossing the street in the right place. The driver braked, only being a few inches from the singer.

      “I yesterday some uncle on the infinity almost hit in a crosswalk while I was walking to my parked car. Given that I’m in heels already passed some part of the transition, he still went out on him and refused to slow down almost 20 centimeters from me. I looked at him an offended look, said a kind word, and went further”, – said Victoria in her Instagram

      But the adventure artist is not over. Then the unknown man tried to take the place of BC in the Parking lot. Offended Victoria showed him an obscene gesture and drove away.

      “Go and see him again. He wanted to take my place. It is not enough that almost hit me in the crosswalk and location of Parking provided. Went to the middle of the road and thought long and hard what to do. Leaned out the window middle finger (like a true girl from the village) and went on,” said Daineko.

      When the artist is cold, it occurred to her that she had acted too softly. A young woman thinks that in such a situation, it could easily damage someone else’s car. Dayneko also lamented the fact that finds a way out of difficult situations immediately, but after some amount of time.

      “Now sit and think. I had to leave the Parking lot in reverse, until I parked it to go in the bumper. But as always. After a quarrel or any unpleasant situation you come up with words that should be said, or action. And the place your positive side wins”, – said the artist to his subscribers.

      Fans Daineko supported her and advised me not to pay attention to rudeness. “And I often regret that I was raised”, “I’m the head did not go, but then find as many words”, “Oh them, Vic, don’t waste your energy”, “the Most important thing Vick that you are alive and healthy”, “Erase it from his memory”, – expressed his opinion the followers of the singer.