Uma Thurman considers “Kill bill” mistake of his life

Ума Турман считает «Убить Билла» ошибкой своей жизни

One of the most memorable paintings featuring uma Thurman was the crime Thriller “Kill bill” Director Quentin Tarantina. In this tape, we recall, plays a Hitman, which during her wedding, trying to kill a man named bill. The situation for women is complicated by the fact that she was pregnant. After spending four years in a coma, the Bride wakes up. She is eager to find those who betrayed her. Now only the ruthless revenge calms the heart of the Black Mamba, and she begins to alternately kill all gang members bill, leaving the leader for last.

“Kill bill” is a film full of blood and violence. Found here black humor. Fans of this picture think it is almost the main work of Quentin Tarantino, and indeed the best film of uma Thurman.

The actress of this opinion is not shared. Uma recently admitted that before shooting in “Kill bill” before her stood a choice to do either in this action or to give preference to “Lord of the rings”. In the end, the Mind chose the former, which is now regrets. Thurman said her decision to star in Tarantino declared “the worst choice”.

By the way, the role of eowyn, which the Mind is claimed in “the Lord of the rings”, then went to Miranda Otto.

What do you think, is it right did Thurman, when prefer Tarantino to Peter Jackson (who filmed “the Lord of the rings)?