Bella Hadid found a replacement singer The Weeknd

Белла Хадид нашла замену певцу The Weeknd

In November last year, Bella Hadid and her boyfriend — musician The Weeknd, has announced that they’re splitting up. The reason for that was incredibly loaded with work schedules that just will not let the pair see each other and maintain their relationship. Fans of the model and musician had hoped that the lovers still manage to somehow come to terms. But these complicated relationships got Selena Gomez, drawing the attention of the musician.

A stab in the back by his friend was very painful for Bella. Their dissatisfaction with the newly formed pair Hadid expressed that unfollowed Selena on the social network Instagram and stop with her any contacts.

Close to Belle said she was very upset by the betrayal, but gradually she managed to recover. Western Tabloids reported that Bella has recovered and even opened my heart to new relationships. Moreover, a potential contender for her heart had formed on the horizon. Yesterday, she appeared at the party of Love Magazine with some guy. At first we all thought that it’s a bodyguard model (he looks awesome – almost Bruce Willis from “die hard”), and then it turned to be a photographer. However, his name and what he takes, yet could not figure out.

Witnesses say the man tried to move away from Bella all night, while allowing her to constantly put his arm around her and whisper something in his ear. Hadid anything against it were, however, a little embarrassed.