Millionaire Alex Smurfit for the first time commented on the breakup with Victoria Bonneuil

Миллионер Алекс Смерфит впервые прокомментировал расставание с Викторией Боней

More than half the fans of Victoria Boni was lost in the guess all is well in her family. subscribers to her page in Instagram have noticed that it has become much less likely to publish a joint photo with her lover and father to her daughter Angelina Alex Smerfit, and they got alarmed.

As it turned out, the speculation of followers was correct. Victoria and Alex broke up. About this in his microblog said personally Vic, note that with Servicom they tried to keep as a warm relationship.

Shortly after this announcement, Alex was seen in the company model from Rostov-on-don, Ekaterina Aleshkina. Fans of Bonnie considered this a betrayal and began to fill up the millionaire angry comments and emails.

I hate that Alex was gone and for the first time after the message about the breakup, commented on what happened in their family: “Treating with respect to the previous valuable relationship with the mother of my child Victoria, I would like to mention that it was a difficult decision, especially considering all the speculation and garbage around my name that appeared on the Internet. I think we are both overly exaggerated in response to the rumors, this is only due to the fact that we still care about each other. Our love is unconditional, but sometimes anger lead to misunderstanding. That is why we now live separately. We’re just people who respect our privacy and do not expect comments from us. We wish each other only happiness.”

In the words of Alex betrays the message that the restoration of relations and can be no question, however, fans of the Bonnie sure what the point of this story is not yet delivered.