Tom cruise wants to communicate with her daughter Suri

Том Круз хочет наладить общение с дочерью Сури

A week ago it became known that Hollywood actor Tom cruise lost his mother. Mary Lee South died at the age of 80 years.

Unfortunately, in recent years the relationship between Mary Lee and Tom were extremely unstable and even strained. Close to the crews said that most likely it was due to his dedication to Scientology, which is not fully shared by the mother.

Apparently, that’s mom’s death turned something in Tom’s head and he realized that we may lose their loved ones at any time, because you must enjoy every moment spent with them.

That inspired Cruz to reconsider his view on the relationship with his daughter Suri, which he does not support proper communication for several years.

“Now Tom wants to restore that relationship with his daughter and meet her constantly,” says an informant close to the actor. Communication with Suri Tom will try to do regular. He wants to rectify the situation and hopes he succeeds.

It is noted that for the sake of the daughter Volume is ready even to sacrifice work for the sake of communication with Suri cruise will abandon some projects.