Ulyana Sergeenko explained why he refused to fight former husband for millions

Ульяна Сергеенко объяснила, почему отказалась бороться с бывшим супругом за миллионы Star designer spoke about the breakup with billionaire Danil Khachaturov and the marriage contract. About two years Ulyana Sergeenko did not comment on the different versions of its divorce with the entrepreneur.
Ульяна Сергеенко объяснила, почему отказалась бороться с бывшим супругом за миллионы

In 2015 the designer Ulyana Sergeenko divorced billionaire Danil Khachaturov. The separation of the pair became one of the biggest scandals in secular society. Suspected that the businessman could cheat on his wife with Director Anna Melikyan. Spouses refrained from making any comment to the press.

Only two years later, Ulyana Sergeenko broke the silence and decided to speak about the causes which broke up their family. The woman did not confirm the rumors of the infidelity of the elect. According to another version, Khachaturov did everything for his wife, but she did not appreciate his efforts. However, in the hive has its own version of parting with the owner. She stated that she did everything possible to save the family.

“I just didn’t feel that he loves me, and tired of living as if nothing had happened. It would be self-destruction. Dan didn’t expect that, maybe that’s why reacted so harshly. I did not expect that all will be well. I thought we agreed in a civilized way”, – said the designer.

The couple shared community property under the marriage contract. According to Ulyana, the document was drafted in such a way that it does not belong. As it turned out, when Sergeenko put his signature on the papers in 2008, she didn’t get a grasp of their content.

“Then I thought it was disgusting and low, – to grasp the meaning of the paragraphs, since there is such love,” says the woman.

According to journalists, the former husband of designer pays her and their daughter Vasilisa child support in the amount of 185 thousand rubles. The court ordered Khachaturov to list ex-spouse and child a quarter of their income. According to official data, the entrepreneur receives much less than you would think. These figures are not comparable with the billions that the estimated state Khachaturov. By the way, sometimes the business altogether assign his salary in a symbolic dollar.

Friends tried to convince Sergeenko to challenge the prenup and nominate Hachaturova own terms. However, the designer has decided not to make a high-profile showdown with her ex-husband.

“Yes, it was possible to fight, to sue. But I realized that I need to be rested if I want to do what you really love,” explained Sergeenko.

After the separation from her husband Uliana had to be extremely tough in terms of business. In the early days pals even sent the woman a basket of food. “We just spent in Paris fashion show, and we have debts to contractors. And we were obliged to immediately repay the loans,” – said Sergeenko.

Eventually the situation was resolved. Juliana turned to friends and customers asking them to go to meet her. Someone gave the designer a loan, the others agreed to wait. Without personal sacrifice, too, was not: Sergeenko broke up with a couple of diamonds, according to the magazine Tatler.