Mother Eugenia Vlasova rescues daughter after surgery to remove the tumor

Мама Евгении Власовой спасает дочь после операции по удалению опухоли Galina Poplavskaya appealed to the indifferent. Eight years ago, Eugenia Vlasova had surgery due to cancer, and now her condition has worsened due to surgery and strong drugs.
Мама Евгении Власовой спасает дочь после операции по удалению опухоли

Eight years ago, singer Eugenia Vlasova had the surgery after her body found a tumor. Then the actress underwent a course of chemotherapy. Now, however, she again fights for life – 12 days ago she was in the hospital. Eugene is in intensive care and doctors are doing everything to save her life.

“My daughter called me last week, said a very sore stomach, she was ill and she called an ambulance. The doctor said this is a dangerous condition and insisted that Jack went to the hospital. It turns out that after the operation she developed adhesions and had developed a bowel obstruction. Immediately to cope with the problem the doctors were unable. In the last 12 days my daughter has had four operations,” said the mother Vlasova Galina Poplavskaya.

Doctors do not say how much time needed for rehabilitation. A close relative of the actress is going through due to the fact that she may not have enough money for treatment. Poplavskaya admits that she’s afraid to contact strangers, but she had no other choice – she wants to save her daughter’s life and restore her health.

“At first I didn’t want to publicly raise my daughter money. But I understand that this is all she will get. Their resources we have left. Eugene a year ago left the stage to heal. Never played. Put the savings in their own company. But she did not even have time to start working, Jack was in the clinic. We were not prepared for such a development. Of course, there are a few friends who have already helped. But we got bills to pay every day. Eugene need to get out of this state, that she lived,” admitted the woman.

According to the mother of the singer, doctors say progress in the course of treatment. Galina Poplavskaya told the publication, “Gordon” that her daughter already want to leave intensive care and be in an ordinary ward.

Singer Eugenia Vlasova – popular artist in Ukraine and she became famous in Russia after taking part in the contest “Five stars”, held in Sochi in 2007. The girl took sixth place, losing to the Duo “Potap and Nastya Kamensky”, as well as Encouraging Wife.