“It’s hard. Only the will and patience”: the last years Dmitri Hvorostovsky

«Сложно. Только воля и терпение»: последние годы Дмитрия Хворостовского The artist died in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday. Over a long period of time, he tried to recover. However, after the diagnosis of cancer Hvorostovsky was able to spend a little more than two years. “StarHit” recalls how difficult it had the star of the Opera in this fight.

The first news about the cancer Opera singer Dmitry was Hvorostovskogo 24 June 2015. Then on the official website of Hvorostovsky was reported about the cancellation of his performances until the end of summer. The artist decided to undergo treatment at the London Oncology clinic “Royal Marsden”.

Dmitry Malikov announced the death of Hvorostovsky. Official confirmation

Despite serious illness, at the end of September 2015 Dmitry Alexandrovich resumed concert activity. Hvorostovsky took the stage with Anna Netrebko in the new York “Metropolitan Opera”. The singer once again performed the main part.

Some time after the treatment course Dmitry Alexandrovich made in Russia. The capital hosted a concert of the “Hvorostovsky and friends” in the State Kremlin Palace. Then on 31 October, he performed in Moscow at the opening of the historical stage of “Helikon-Opera”.

Friends and colleagues mourn the deceased life Dmitry Hvorostovsky

In December 2016, the singer became seriously ill with pneumonia, from-for which could not speak. Due to health problems Dmitry Alexandrovich did not want to see anyone, artist canceled several major concerts.

“I went through a serious crisis. Then I even the parents are categorically not allowed to come because to see me in this state no one, except his wife. My Florence and me went constantly,” – said the artist.

“I went through a serious crisis. Then I even the parents are categorically not allowed to come because to see me in this state no one, except his wife. My Florence and me traveled constantly. I already give concerts, but the recovery process after this story is not over yet. I need to be patient for a few months”, – said the artist.

Hvorostovsky admitted to journalists that the work helps him not to give up. This year Dmitry Aleksandrovich injured his shoulder after falling after a speech in St. Petersburg. However, the injury did not prevent him to come to his native Krasnoyarsk.

The audience ostrovom met a favorite artist. Despite the strength of the will of the singer, the audience noticed that Hvorostovsky was difficult to stand on the stage. In the words of one attending the concert, Dmitry Aleksandrovich’s voice changed, and there were problems with diction. However, he fulfilled all of the party so that fans were touched to the core. The actor vowed to return to his beloved city, telling the crowd: “goodbye!”. Dmitri Hvorostovsky did not hold back tears at the concert in Krasnoyarsk

Even doctors podderjivali Hvorostovsky. At first, the doctors recommended to cancel the concerts, in any case not to overwork himself. But later realized that the tour and the audience positively affect the health of the famous baritone.

“My doctor said, “Work! You turned up the pleasure and happiness, don’t let him… Hard you conquer yourself!” I used on a carriage ride. Now, without strollers manage…” – shared the singer.

The heirs of the singer in the course of disease helped him not to give up. The two oldest children of Dmitry Alexandrovich Sasha and Daniel had a difficult last two years. They lost their mother in 2015, a former artist’s wife Svetlana died from the effects of meningitis. Then it became known about serious illness of his father. Ex-wife of Dmitri Hvorostovsky died from sepsis

The last wife of the artist Florence supported the famous artist and is fully involved in the upbringing of her daughter and son. Dmitri was proud of his younger heirs, he repeatedly told reporters.

“Maxim yet with his professional interests are undecided. He is passionate about football, Barcelona, Messi. And Nina soles on the move tears. Everywhere and all the time and was engaged in music and dancing. Recently, they together, Nina and Maksim, made a portfolio, and they immediately showered with a variety of offers – cinema, TV, advertising, fashion shops and magazines. Behind all this process strictly follows Florence, I in details did not penetrate. I’m just encouraging their success” – shared Dmitry Aleksandrovich.

Hvorostovsky has always tried to live for today and don’t make global plans for the future. Realizing that he could not defeat the cancer, the actor admitted that the best years of his career left behind.

“I continue to fight the disease and hope. “Hope” for me now the most urgent word! As they say, I still play checkers! My oncologist looks at me like a miracle: “Oh, he’s alive! Oh, how healthy!” They have, besides me, of such patients – singers of world renown who sing everywhere and continue to work against all odds. Now I don’t live in the past and not the future, as I have always been familiar. I’m focused on today, tomorrow, not to deceive neither himself nor others,” said singer.

In one of his last interviews before his birthday, Hvorostovsky has told reporters: “Difficult. Very. But I noticed that the feeling of fear in such circumstances is completely atrophied. Comes the understanding that no one can help you. Only you yourself. And the main thing – not to give slack. Here, only the will and patience of your loyal allies” – shared the singer.