Двухлетняя дочь Екатерины Климовой уже ходит на уроки музыки Little Bella has a capacity. Ekaterina Klimova child support and wants her to grow harmonious personality. She also makes the senior heirs to look after the younger.
Двухлетняя дочь Екатерины Климовой уже ходит на уроки музыки

Famous actress Ekaterina Klimova and has four children – the eldest daughter Lisa, sons Matthew and of Korney, and a small bell, which came to light in marriage to Gela Meskhi. Up to a certain age, the artists chose not to show the child.

Now she is little more than two years, it appeared their Hobbies. As it turned out, the daughter of Klimova and Meskhi is growing a creative child.

“Bella goes to class musical development – confessed Catherine. – She is also its own interests, it wants to communicate with his peers”.

The eldest heir Klimova 16 years. Now mom and daughter are more like friends or sisters, as they behave and communicate. However, the actress did not want Lisa felt because of this permissiveness. According to the actress, she doesn’t want to cross the line, when the daughter will use her kindness.

“In my opinion, mom should be first and foremost authority. Children depend on us and sometimes manipulate their good behavior and grades, about attention to us, in order to avoid punishment. And only when they become independent, it is possible to speak about friendship. Now I’m trying to stay sober in our relationship. I don’t want Lisa thought that at some point, familiarity will allow me to close my eyes to her misconduct. There must be mutual respect, no selfish motives. First, we need to educate the people, and then be friends with him,” – said Klimov.

Catherine loaded the eldest daughter caring for younger brothers and sisters. She understood that the girl has the right to their lives and interests, and therefore is not obliged to look after the kids. However, the artist began to notice that in terms of everyday life of modern children have become unsuitable because they are constantly looked after by a nanny. However, Klimov admitted in an interview with “Vibe” that little Bella is well versed in the art, is easily controlled with your phone knows where to connect Wi-Fi.

“Of course, children have some household chores: they clean the toys, you can wash the dishes, take out the trash, but it’s not in such amount as we had when the elder brother or sister in the literal sense of the word has replaced the parents,” says the actress.