Pregnant Svetlana Loboda spoke about the total loneliness

Беременная Светлана Лобода заговорила о тотальном одиночестве The artist released a video for the song “Fly”. Video for the single Svetlana Loboda recorded for the film “Gogol. Viy” tells the story of the heroine, pursued by the shadows of the past, and she wants to forget the only love.

On Friday, the 13th of April, Svetlana Loboda presented a new video for the song “Fly”. The release of the song took place on the day of the all-Russian premiere of the film “Gogol. Viy”, where the main role was played by Alexander Petrov.

The shooting took place at night in Moscow cinema “October”. The video was directed by Natella Krapivina, who worked for several years with the singer. The plot of the movie, Svetlana talks about personal tragedy. These shots are interspersed with fragments of mystical film.

“We wanted to tell a story of loneliness that is always filled with mystery. The heroine alone in the great hall, and only a shadow of the past pursues her. How often in life we run from the ghosts saved in the huge rooms of souls of others, to forget one love, which was thus a protective circle, a talisman against evil and pain! “Gogol. Wii” – it’s more than just a story about evil spirits and fight with them – this is a story about good and evil in General, and about whether pure soul to defeat the dark side not only outside but inside as well”, – said Svetlana.

Video for the song is very lyrical. As told by the artist, she loves ballad style, and is familiar with the work of Gogol. “He is very close to me and almost all my songs have a dramatic theme. Dance songs are great, they are perfect for a certain audience and a certain mood, but only in such lyrical ballads artist and may be disclosed. And of course, I fed off the energy of Gogol. Nikolai – incredible energy-a strong author. Each of his work is a lot of emotions, thoughts, and nourishes the reader. The majority believes his energy is destructive, and there are plenty of legends about how the actors playing in the movies of his works have suffered heavy losses, died. But it seems this is often a strong immersion in the image and a complete reincarnation, vusanje in themselves a kind of darkness. My task was to pour in this picture its energy, light, and to combine these two energy flow”, – shared her emotions the singer.