TV presenter Leonid Zakoshansky left without a job

Телеведущего Леонида Закошанского оставили без работы
NTV announced the closure of the controversial show “Talk show”.

Leonid Zakoshansky

Photo: Press-service of NTV

14 APR aired on the TV channel NTV released last
edition of the program “Talk show” with Leonid Zakoshansky. The decision on
the closure of the daily talk-show associated with the new channel strategy, aimed at
reduction of aggressive and provocative content on NTV.

The first issue of “Talk show” was held on 1
September 2011. Informational talk show with elements of the investigation came out
on the channel on weekdays at early Prime time. For five years
“Talk show” to compete with similar programs at other
TV channels, however, within the overall strategy of upgrading the grid of broadcasting of NTV and its
new positioning guide channel took the decision to close
popular talk show.

“Thanks to the efforts of the new team since the end of last
year NTV has suspended the share falling and started rising, so we have
the opportunity to move on in the framework of the approved strategy. We want
to produce socially meaningful and quality projects, to create a new
TV” — says the General producer of NTV Timur Weinstein.

Instead of a “Talk show” from April 17 will be
to leave the cult TV series “Streets of broken lamps”. And in a television season
2017/2018 in this slot will be a new project. The permanent host of “Talking
show” Leonid Zakoshansky remains on NTV as the author and host of
the program “people Too”. In addition, the channel is preparing with the participation of Leonid
Zakoshansky premiere in the fall.

“More than five years with the program “Talk show” is a tremendous and interesting experience for me. But it’s time to move on
to develop and create something new. Therefore, together with the management
television we decided that I’ll focus on other projects
which I hope will also resonate with our audience”, — says Leonid