Vasily Stepanov hit specicaly after the accident

Василий Степанов попал в спецлечебницу после несчастного случая
Doctors assessed the state of the actor.

Vasily Stepanov


Tragic accident with a star on “Inhabited island” Vasily Stepanov, was continued. As it became known, the actor was hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital where he was diagnosed with… schizophrenia. According to now he will have a statement on the account in PND and compulsory treatment for one month.

A few days ago, Basil fell out of the window of his apartment located on the fifth floor. He received multiple fractures and bruises, but for medical assistance to ambulance workers only after a couple of days. Doctors noticed a strange behavior of the actor and called a special team.

Vasily says that he was not pushed from the window, but said that the fall was not accidental. This development does not surprise his family and relatives. The actor had suffered from depression due to lack of work in the film industry.

However, his ex-girlfriend Darya Egorova says that there are no cracks in the castings Basil actually received. “When we were together, Bob was a very popular actor. He had many offers from decent Directors. He refused. And now he is invited to appear, but he rejects the proposal. Don’t even read. Just say no, and all, — said Daria. — And then why-that all tells that he forgot about. I have five years in health Vasey. I had strong feelings for Stepanov, I went with him to hospitals, took him to psychologists. Doctors put the diagnosis: “manic depression”…” by the Way, it does not exclude that Basil could deliberately jump out the window, but not to suicide, but in order to be “talking” in the press.

“I last saw him a month ago, when he was in the hospital with a broken spine. And he was in a great mood. He did not lay, and sat quietly. Such injuries impossible to sit. So I already don’t believe in it. It comes up with his mother, that they again drew attention!” — quotes Daria Life.