Vasily Stepanov: “a starring role in “Inhabited island” has become my curse”

Василий Степанов: «Звездная роль в «Обитаемом острове» стала для меня проклятьем»
Many believe that the “black period” in his career and personal life began actor due to the fact that his jinxed…

Василий Степанов: «Звездная роль в «Обитаемом острове» стала для меня проклятьем»

Vasily Stepanov

Photo: Damir Yusupov

The fate of the actor Vasily
Stepanova, who, thanks to her role in the blockbuster
Bondarchuk “Inhabited island” has become the new Russian Megastar and hit the list of the most promising young actors after this film is formed tragically.

Many believe that incredible luck in his career just
turned away from Stepanova. Failed actor to bear, and mad glory that
fell on him after the star role of Maxim Kammerer. Famous once in
the most beautiful men of the country, Basil fell into a terrible depression.

Major roles he was offered, and Stepanov,
having survived the peak of fame, which as we know needs constant “adrenaline”
fueling began a severe nervous disorder. According to the artist, he lost interest in everything: learning, and
to the acting profession.

Василий Степанов: «Звездная роль в «Обитаемом острове» стала для меня проклятьем»

Vasily Stepanov. Hostage “Inhabited island”

Coming home an artist just lay on the sofa and looked at one
point. “Sometimes, I get annoyed without reason, — said Vasily. The apathy of the accumulated,
I just drove himself”. Girl Stepanova — Daria Egorova — didn’t know how to return the lover to life. On the advice of the teacher from the “shuki”
the actor went to a clinic of neurosis, where she spent a month.

After discharge, he got very interested in theatre and was invited by Director Yuri Vasiliev in the production of the Vakhtangov
theatre “Veronica decides to die”. However, all continued to take it exclusively
as the star of the film Bondarchuk, and after the next words the audience: “This is the
beautiful “Island” Vasily quit.

The lack of demand in the acting profession and the glory of the one role ruined
Stepanova is not only a career, but also his personal life. Vasily and Daria eventually broke up.
A few years later after a breakup with her lover in an interview
the journal “Collection Caravan of stories” Egorova suggested that young
the actor simply jinxed groupies.

Daria Egorova, “On the rug in front of the entrance I always
found needles with tangled threads, ground, mixed with salt, or something
like her. Know nothing of these things, but it was clear that there’s no
magic has not done. Whether Bob wanted to charm, or me lime”

In August 2016 in an interview to “Caravan of stories” Vasily Stepanov said that the mother
took him to the shaman, who tell fortunes for the future and said, “don’t
give up — you’ll succeed”. However, worthy proposals never was…

Vasily Stepanov

Photo: ART PICTURES STUDIO/TASS/Frame from the film “Inhabited island. Fight”

And soon after depressed Stepanov, who regularly, but to no avail, went to auditions, began a series
the tragic accidents. In December of the same year, the artist slips and falls on
the icy steps at her house, and got two broken vertebrae and
the hip bones.

Vasily Stepanov: “The Curse”
Bondarchuk spread to work, even the courier can’t
to get. Asked at a talent Agency — refused to work with me without
explanation. Life is not
let me get away with acting trails. I hope that I’ll get another chance to prove himself
— then I could finally stop being held hostage by “Inhabited island”

Four months after the terrible tragedy in April 2017, bedridden actor dropped out of
the window of his apartment located on the fifth floor. Stepanov received multiple fractures and was hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital with a diagnosis of schizophrenia.

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