Tsyganov, Snigir and Germanicus lit at a party

Цыганов, Снигирь и Германика зажгли на дружеской вечеринке Celebrities walked at the feast of a friend. 27 Mar actress Anna Mica celebrated his birthday. In this regard, the woman has collected friends in one of the institutions of Moscow. To congratulate the artist came Evgeniy Tsyganov, Yuliya Snigir, Valery Gai Germanika, the daughter of Konstantin Kintchev Vera Panfilova, Irina Gorbachev, and many others.

      At the end of March actress Anna Saliva, the star of “Night Watch” and “Short course of happy life” celebrated his birthday. On this occasion, the actress gathered friends in one of the trendy establishments located in the center of Moscow. A party arranged by a woman, visited Valeria Gai Germanicus, Irina Gorbacheva, Anna Tsukanova-Cott, Yuliya Snigir, Evgeniy Tsyganov, Agniya Kuznetsova, Vera Panfilova, and many others. They had a wonderful time in the new capital restaurant.

      “To say that it was tasty, soulful and fun – to say nothing. Anna, thank you for a great holiday!” – shared Anna Tsukanova-Cott in his microblog.

      The actress also posted a short video, which depicted a friendly party. “You extinguished the candles, made a wish, this night he came out” – sings Anna in funny videos. “It’s love! Happy birthday” – with these words Tsukanov-Kott addressed the birthday girl.

      Yevgeny Tsyganov joined in the congratulations of friends. “With the birth of your! And, please, be happy. Hooray,” said the man in his microblog.

      Valeria Gai Germanika also shared a picture made at a special night. The Director has published a photo in which Anna Saliva captured in the company of their friends. Judging by their happy faces, the evening was a success. Users of social networks wish the actress all the best and found that her holiday was a very “homemade”. “Structure fire”, “All my favorite Actresses in the collection. Beauty and very talented”, “Oh, Vera Panfilova with you! Cool,” was discussed by the fans of celebrities.

      We also add that Valeria Gai Germanika is the godmother of the son of the birthday girl Tikhon. About this, Anna, Mica said in an interview. In recognition of the actress, who starred in the TV series of the controversial Director “Short course of happy life” her friend is an incredibly talented man, and a loyal and reliable friend. The woman said that you always can call Valerie at two in the morning and ask for help. Gai Germanika, assured of Saliva, never refuse good friends.

      Recall that the premiere of the series “Short course happy life” was held in March 2012 on the First channel. But Anna Mica, played by Svetlana Khodchenkova, Ksenia Gromova, Alice Khazanov, Kirill Safonov and others.