Участницы «Холостяка» обнажились ради Ильи Глинникова The contestants took part in a Frank photo shoot intended to draw attention to the protection of animals. Girl stripped and showed Ilya Glinnikov their “animal” nature. Such an unusual date with a famous actor caused a storm of emotions at the beauties.

       Участницы «Холостяка» обнажились ради Ильи Глинникова

      Recently, TNT launched the long-awaited fifth season of “the Bachelor.” In the new show the girls fight for the heart star of TV series “Interns” Ilya Glinnikov. In one of the issues the producers of the show gave the girls a real extreme. The contestants had to strip to take part in a Frank photo shoot aimed at drawing attention to the protection of wild animals.

      The photographs, which were at the disposal of “StarHit” girls showing off their bodies, painted only with paint. Company contestants is Ilya Glinnikov. It should be noted that provocative shots turned out very vivid and memorable. Someone from the girls participating in these photo sessions were not unusual. So, earlier posed Nude Lesya Ryabtseva. “This time I felt more confident, though at first and could not relax, because there are cameras and a crowd of people,” she said. According to Ryabtseva, Glinnikov also sometimes feel awkward.

      The controversial star of “the Bachelor” Les riabtseva: “Sex? It was hard for me to control myself”

      “He’s naked, we’re naked. I saw how he tried to look away to the side, but kept glancing at my Breasts, because of all the girls on a date it is just me! At some point I even said to him: “Look at me!” We had a lot of fun and really bonded. Perhaps then for the first time between us ran a spark, a kind of animal instinct,” admitted Les “StarHit”.
       Участницы «Холостяка» обнажились ради Ильи Глинникова

      At the same time, Ha-Mi Tran thi was not ready for such bold experiments. She admitted that because of personal conviction and respect for his family could not afford to be naked. When the other girls started to undress, Hamina panicked. Moreover, the beauty cried. To help the affected participant immediately came “the Bachelor.” Ilya helped the contestant to stop worrying.

      “Such visits is not to unite, they rather give the opportunity to see each other in a new way, a more creative and fun. We were live paintings, we had costumes, Ilya was a tiger and I’m a beautiful Cheetah. We looked harmoniously” – shared Hamina.
       Участницы «Холостяка» обнажились ради Ильи Глинникова

      Besides Oriental beauty, to strip completely refused Radmila Sadykov. The girl chose to stay in a swimsuit. “What would be amazing was not the idea, it is not worth my reputation. Same thing I said Ilya, and he has supported me,” said the contestant. According to Sadykova, Glinnikov appreciated her calm and balanced position. Radmila told that came up with the story together with the actor.

      “I am a frog, a Princess watering. He is the tiger who came to me to quench their thirst. We are familiar with. I’ve never been so close to predators like the minute and he never met a frog. We joked that the frog Princess should kiss. But of course, nobody was going to move closer so”, – said Sadykov.
       Участницы «Холостяка» обнажились ради Ильи Глинникова

      In turn, Daria took Putin’s offer producers quietly enough. “Body painting is a recognized art,” said the girl. Therefore, the contestant fearlessly undressed in front of the camera, not thinking about the reactions and opinions of others. Tune in to the right wave beauty managed thanks to Ilya Glinnikov. “With him I feel comfortable, he’s an actor and I think he is not new”, shared Daria. She also talked about what brought her candid shooting “the Bachelor.”

      Participant of “the Bachelor,” Daria Putin: “I always threaten”

      “We had our first interview alone. Of course, from a dead stop we moved. I think that Ilya is a little shy when he saw me, but it seemed to me that the time constraint we have,” – confessed Daria.
       Участницы «Холостяка» обнажились ради Ильи Глинникова

      As for the Dusi, Babel, as the girl admits, she felt fear in front of the camera. Participate in a candid photo shoot was for contestants leaving the comfort zone. According to Dusi, she went through a similar experience for the first time. So after the shoot the model was proud of myself.

      “The sight of me in “costume” Zebra Ilya smiled and even do not allowed me to feel the tightness, do not cast ambiguous glances. He asked me about striped wondering what I think about them and why. Become hotter and it so happened that already on the ground near the photographer has stopped working flash. Ilya was painted the longest, because it was filmed with each of the five girls. In the end, his makeup slowly but surely drip down, so together we managed to make just a couple of shots, I posed alone,” said darling “StarHit”.