Mother Alexandra Bortech did not accept her boyfriend

Мама Александры Бортич не приняла ее бойфренда The actress was forbidden to meet with the young rapper and to live with him. Alexandra Bortech openly talked about how her beloved man was trying to earn the trust of the family and explained why it was not so easy.

      Мама Александры Бортич не приняла ее бойфренда

      The star of the show “You’re freaking me out” and movie “Viking” does not like to discuss personal life. However, the “StarHit” found out that for several months the heart of a 22-year-old actress belongs to musician Vyacheslav Vorontsov, better known as the rapper Mezza. However, this initially caused distrust among moms actress. A large number of tattoos, torn jeans and shaved head didn’t like her family. Sasha told her friends at the presentation of a new Comedy series of the channel TNT “Philology”.

      “The photographs of the mother he never liked, with a smile told Bortech. – She was against, forbidden to meet, much less live together.”

      Alexander and Vyacheslav met last fall at one of the social events. And recently even appeared in ads for well-known sports brand, a person that Mezza is for several years. The presentation of “Philology”, where Alexander played a major role, the lovers also came along, but he did that are a couple, I kept my distance. Only while watching a series Bortech began to communicate with loved ones: shared her experiences, embraced, was interested in his opinion about brightest moments of the sitcom. For girls it is important to know that Vorontsov thinks about her work.

      “I love your man and listen to him in everything, – has shared with friends of Alexander. – Mom had to meet with him, then she changed her negative attitude. They found a common language, now we are always welcome in the family home”.

      We will remind that not so long ago a girl broke up with a partner on the film “Elusive” by Ilya Malininym. Then, according to the actress, she first thought about the family and children. The initiator of the gap became a young man. The guy was jealous and couldn’t accept the fact that in the film “the Viking” Alexandra was the explicit scenes. Vorontsov also sympathetic to the specifics of the profession Bortech.